Greenlake Walking

Frequently and Unfrequently Asked Questions!

When people ask questions, they tend to be these questions:

  1. Are you a sex offender?
  2. Why do you do this?
  3. What about the kids?
  4. Do you wear more clothing when we have cold weather?
  5. Do people hug you even when you are wearing only a thong?
  6. Do you have secret psychological motivations for doing this?
  7. Do you think you are changing the culture for Greenlake?
  8. May I swat your butt?
  9. Do you have suggestions about how to lose weight?
  10. How can I define my pure barre ledge?
  11. Does one of your signs say that spanked and caned men are happier? What is that about?
  12. What is a bise? What is bising?
  13. The girl in that first music video looks like she's 14! What?!
  14. Do any strange things happen to you when the moon is full?
  15. Who was James Ringrose?

1. Are you a sex offender?


What? >3 . . . Wait . . . hmm. . . . girls rock They do? skylar receiving a guy Ha!

But we can enjoy being harmless . . . Since I write letters to the SPD chief or the Kirkland chief, things are easier that way . . .

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2. Why do I "do this?"

There are 3 overlapping reasons. When I began, I had had a friendly acquaintance say she thought I had a cute butt. By walking in undies, I was letting those who wished see and appreciate.

A second reason was that I believed that there were and are women who might like to wear a thong at the beach or park, but who do not know if it is legally or otherwise acceptable. At least, in Southern California, there are many women who wear such to the beach. A woman in Seattle who wished to know if she could wear a thong, and to find out without calling the police, would not be able to tell from simply reading the law, I believe. If she were to see others wearing thongs or Brazilians without negative legal results, she would know she can.

Within a few weeks of having begun to walk in the undies, I found that I had many positive, fun or interesting interactions with people. Some of the fun is their appreciation of me; some of it is in our interaction.

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cover of a photography book by 

3. What about the kids?

Not being God, I don't know for sure. However, some Seattle kids see other kids fully nude at times at either the Greenlake wading pool or at the Seattle Center fountain--at the Folklife festival--after other kids have gotten wet and are changing. A person could document this, if he wished, but taking the photos would unsettle some parents.

Some Seattle kids are exposed to nudity simply by walking in the Seattle public libraries from the covers of one or more books on the shelves. See the cover of the book on the right. The Seattle public library system owns three copies of this book and one of them is assigned to the Greenlake library. In months past, at various times, a person simply walking from the computer area to the exit would pass by this book with its cover plainly showing.

I assume that no one has been reporting serious harm from the cover of this book.

There were 50,000 people or more at the 2014 U-district Street Fair who have seen rear-view nudity (see below) in the window of the poster shop at 4309 University Way in the U-district. No complaints? Is this poster harmful to minors or just fun?

poster at U-district street fair

I do not know of any kids having been crying or upset that I walked by at Greenlake or downtown. I do know of kids who have asked mom or dad what my sign says, or pointed me out to a friend or to mom or dad. The experience is unusual, but not frightening to them, so far as I know. The recent protests at Westlake park have left some kids afraid or crying; my walking does not do that, so far as I know!

Once a year at Greenlake, there is a large contingent of kids of mid-teen ages who come down from Snohomish County or other areas with school chaperones. They are at Greenlake for some boating or swimming event in mid-July, I think. I fear more that the chaperones will feel bad (or at least wonder) than that the kids will be concerned, but I am not really sure of the reactions of either those kids or the chaperones, yet.

While we may agree that some persons are not happy to see me at Greenlake in a thong or a Brazilian, so far, either no parents have complained to the local news media and/or the local news media has chosen to not cover any alleged concern. This is in distinction to the concern expressed about pornography in library computers in two Seattle public library branches, and in the Snoqualmie library. I know that some persons wish I were not around. For whatever reason, local news media, the city council and the Parks Commission have chosen to not be concerned. At least, so far!

We can check the agenda of the Seattle Parks commission and of the Seattle city council. Making a new law or new regulation to solve people seeing others at Greenlake in a thong is not on the agenda, as of this time.

Comments may be made here on a variety of stories, topics, photos and posts. If there is doubt about what you are commenting upon, consider making it clear . . .

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4. What about cold weather?

I have walked in undies in weather at 54 degrees and above. I do like being warm . . and I do walk at the gym. I could have walked in November and on days such as Wednesday, 12/10/14. But I also get caned at times and I am undecided about walking when there are some stripes and welts covering my butt!

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5. Do people hug me while I am wearing a thong?

Yes . . . and that creates an occasional fun story! It appears that nearly as many persons hug me while I am in a thong as hug me when I am wearing pants. Most persons who wish to hug me simply choose to ignore the fact that I am wearing a thong and shirt rather than pants and shirt.

One day I was walking downtown to Westlake Park with a vitamin D sign in a thong, socks and no shirt. I encountered a gal; we talked for a few minutes. I asked if she hugged in greeting and we hugged.

6. What about secret motivations?

I have had 2 or 3 people tell me that they believed I must have some secret psychological motivations for walking in undies. They told me that the reasons I just gave above could not be the true and complete motivations for my walking in undies at Greenlake. This is usually followed by some question or suggestion about events in my life that would have created a psychological need to walk nearly nude in public . . .

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7. Am I changing the culture at Greenlake?

I am fallible, but it seems I already have done so. In June the Seattle pi had a photo-article about what people in Seattle do when it is hot. The second of the photos was of two people at Greenlake posing or doing yoga or something similar. Perhaps it was acroyoga. I think that the gal was not wearing much; at least, it was less than usual for Greenlake. The photo depicts a gal, from the side, in what I consider probably less than usual than I have seen at Greenlake on gals.

gal in skimpy bikini

I believe strongly that at least a few gals went at Greenlake in 2014 more liberally than some have in previous years. Below there is some small statistical evidence of change even from month to month!

What is fairly clear is that each year a handful to a few dozen women have expressed appreciation and esteem while or after seeing me at the lake.

Also, I have just finished reviewing several hundred photos I took while walking at Greenlake, including the months of July and August. It seems I managed to unintentionally create a minor unscientific experiment! It turns out that in the month of July, all my walks were clothed, and in the month of August, nearly every walk I did at Greenlake included sunbathing in a g-string only. (There was no shirt and in the back; it was string and just slightly more than invisible.) People figured out that police were not taking me away! I also have a large batch of photos taken in July and another large batch taken in August. I see that there is a difference in the photos I have of the gals (and girls) wearing "a thong, near-thong, or panties worn in thong style" while sunbathing at Greenlake by the month.

Lets define terms a bit. Lets say that a gal whose swimwear or panties shows either part of the gluteal cleft or half or more of her butt is wearing a thong or near-thong. (Usually people think of a thong as a narrow strip of material which fits between the buttocks. The question is whether or not to include swimwear items which do this in part but cover some or most of the top of one's butt! All those "thongs" also?) Wiki-how says that there are 3 types of thongs and one type is called "tanga." A "tanga thong" "typically [has] fabric that covers the upper half of the bum, leaving the bottom of your buttocks exposed." Now, the photos on the right and below were taken in August 2014 at the lake. There was only one similar in July 2014, speaking of those which I saw. Why would more gals have been more bold in August 2014?

gal in near-thong

I did not realize the difference in Greenlake women's wear in the months of July and August until I reviewed my photo galleries for building this website. In the month of July I saw and photographed one (and only one) gal or girl in what I might call a "thong, near-thong or panties as thong." In the month of August, there were 11 I saw and photographed in what I call a "thong or near-thong."

On any given day at Greenlake in the summer, there will be several thousand people who walk, swim, play or sunbathe. 11 is a small number when compared to 50,000 in a given month, but 11 is a large number when compared to 1. Did I help perhaps inspire some ten to fifty gals and girls in the month of August who were not inspired or encouraged, in the month of July, to be bold? Maybe . . . maybe not . . .Comments may be made here on a variety of stories, topics, photos and posts. If there is doubt about what you are commenting upon, consider making it clear . . .

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8. May I swat your butt?


Comments may be made here on a variety of stories, topics, photos and posts. If there is doubt about what you are commenting upon, consider making it clear . . .

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9. David's ideas about losing weight

It may help you to have one or more of your meals be of brown rice mixed with vegetables. This could be a brown rice salad or it could be part of a burrito made with brown rice. If you eat at the local Mexican grill, consider choosing brown rice rather than white rice and eating 1/5 to 1/3 of the burrito and taking the rest home.

The body digests different food differently and with brown rice, you tend to feel satisfied and you may have a longer time before you desire to eat again. Note that you may have to try different brands of brown rice to find those you can eat. There is one brand from the grocery stores that I find inedible.

Brown rice is great for losing weight, but it is difficult to eat brown rice--even the edible variety--by itself. What works is to eat brown rice and tomatoes, brown rice and fajitas or brown rice together with any veggies.

I realize that there are disagreements as to which kind of rice will be better for you and for your losing weight. I am not God. I know some people who have lost weight without trying hard at all while eating a diet of brown rice mixed with vegetables most meals. Other people have lost weight with the Kempner rice plan.

A medical doctor named Walter Kempner had good results with a basic diet based on white rice since 1939. White rice was chosen over brown rice because it was considered more palatable. White rice is more palatable than brown rice by itself but that problem is easily solved by mixing vegetables or fajitas with the brown rice. One concern about using white rice is that it allegedly causes an insulin spike, which is a problem for those who are diabetic or nearly diabetic.

persons who lost weight with rice dietThe McDougall website says:

"A major breakthrough occurred by accident in 1942 when one of Dr. Kempner’s patients, a 33-year-old North Carolina woman with chronic glomerulonephritis (kidney disease) and papilledema (eye disease) failed to follow his instructions. Because of Dr. Kempner’s heavy German accent she misunderstood his instructions to return in two weeks, and after two months, she finally returned, with no signs of deficiency, but rather with robust health. The woman had experienced a dramatic reduction of her blood pressure, from 190/120 to 124/84 mmHg, resolution of eye damage (retinal hemorrhages and papilledema), and a noticeable decrease in heart size."

The Kempner diet consisted of eliminating most salt, and increasing the % of calories from rice and decreasing the calories from protein and fat. The Kempner diet has people sharply reduce their calories per day, but in fact, you do not need to go far below normal to lose weight while eating meals of rice and vegetables. With walking, persons lost weight. I have never specifically used the Kempner rice diet, but I stumbled into a version of a rice diet by eating brown rice salads frequently at certain points in my life.

Webmd says that they believe that following the Kempner diet requires a high level of effort. If the effort required is high, then, a person can do it with less effort by not cutting the calories as much.

It may help you to walk every day . . . and when you are in better shape, walk and run. If you are not in shape, walk until you are fatigued or overheating and then stop or slow down. . . and then walk every day. There are some treadmills and you can walk and watch TV at the same time! Try to walk up an incline . . . or intermittently walk and jog up an incline!

You can burn anywhere from 100 to 600 calories in an hour depending on when you stop, the incline % you use, and whether or not you mix in jogging with your walking!

Comments may be made here on a variety of stories, topics, photos and posts. If there is doubt about what you are commenting upon, consider making it clear . . .

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10. About the seat, the ledge and the crease . . !

shape of butt

Ha! You may already know this, but what some people consider attractive is the butt being somewhat rounded and then meeting a flatter thigh! Note the shape of the gal's, er, "seat" in the photo of our exercise instructor!

For more than 2/3 of the US population, I believe that a good first step in having a nice gluteal crease is losing some weight . . . and that the way to lose weight is to walk, jog, jump rope or swim.

Now, if you take some pure barre classes, you will work your biceps, triceps, thighs, abs and your "seat!" And, whether you take an exercise class or do some exercises of the butt lift series created by Befit or the Brazilian Butt Lift or others, there are some exercises are done to help "define" your gluteal crease, or in some circles, your ledge. Note the photo below and left. This photo shows the gal in pose that is used for several butt defining exercises. Some are done with the leg bent and foot to the sky. Some are done with the leg approximately straight. Some have the back in the curve as seen below and in some, the pelvis is tilted and the back has less of a curve.

woman doing kickback

Prior to 2014, I had not done any exercises to specifically define my gluteal crease. In the photo of the gal above, the crease is not much of a crease, but an angle of 150 degrees! Of course, most fellows do not think much about the appearance of their crease! I suppose I should see you at the Wing Chun studio instead! Either way, walking 20 minutes to several hours a day has had fairly good results, without my even trying. Nevertheless, sometimes intermittently and sometimes consistently at times, in 2014 I have done some exercises. Supposedly the posture of the gal here may be helpful for doing a bent-leg kick-back and there are also various straight-leg exercises. And there are simple ways to move or isometrically squeeze the lifted leg to the left and right and these motions help define the crease, it is believed.

If you have seen me or photos of me produced in 2013 or 2014, I was shaped simply by eating brown rice at times and walking. Sometimes for work in 2013 I walked several hours a day.

A significant portion of the American population will benefit by losing some weight. . . and one way to benefit your shape and your crease will be by walking or jogging some every day.

Comments may be made here on a variety of stories, topics, photos and posts. If there is doubt about what you are commenting upon, consider making it clear . . .

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11. Do you have a sign about men being spanked and caned?

Yes I do. A study in Australia seems to have found that they are happier than the general population. Psychologists did a telephone survey of nearly 18,000 or 20,000 people. They asked about certain practices and about questions that would indicate their mental health and well-being. I have a free hugs sign with a sentence about that. I do not usually carry that sign while wearing only a thong, though!

On July 4th, 2014, I had the sign with me while at Gas Works Park as people were gathering and waiting for fireworks. The sign said Free hugs and also that spanked and caned men were happier. At one point I had nearly a dozen SPD officers within about 25 feet of me watching in my direction and I was also interviewed by both KINGTV and KIROTV about hugging. Ha!

Comments may be made here on a variety of stories, topics, photos and posts. If there is doubt about what you are commenting upon, consider making it clear . . .

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12. What is a bise? What is bising?

A bise is the name of the kiss of greeting in France. The word bise is pronouced like we pronoune bees. Normally you kiss the air by the cheek of the person and normally you kiss alternating cheeks. You have probably seen bising on TV or in movies.

To invite to bise, one way is to say, "On se fait la bise?" which sounds like Ohn se fay la bees? That means, shall we do the bise? I have bised with probably a half a dozen men and women tourists or visitors from France in Seattle whom I was meeting for the first time. However, one or more chose not to bise!

faire la bise1 faire la bise2 faire la bise3

Comments may be made here on a variety of stories, topics, photos and posts. If there is doubt about what you are commenting upon, consider making it clear . . . On se fait la bise?

13. The girl in that music video looks like she is 14!

14? As of March 2015, Skylar is 12.

Comments may be made here on a variety of stories, topics, photos and posts. If there is doubt about what you are commenting upon, consider making it clear . . .

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14. Do any strange things happen to you when the moon is full?

Aside from certain memory lapses, nothing . . . I do hear that there will be two full moons in July this year (2015) . . . and that there will be a total eclipse at 5 in the morning 4/4/15 visible for 5 minutes . . . Apparently on 3/8/15, when I was walking at Greenlake, there was a 911 call logged in for a person in need of mental help . . . but I have no idea why . . . Do people call 911 more frequently on full moon days or afterwards? Who knows?

Comments may be made here on a variety of stories, topics, photos and posts. If there is doubt about what you are commenting upon, consider making it clear . . .

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15. Who was James Ringrose?


Comments may be made here on a variety of stories, topics, photos and posts. If there is doubt about what you are commenting upon, consider making it clear . . .

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