Greenlake Walking


On 2/2/14 I visited the website. That day there was a photo-essay on people in Seattle showing skin. That led me to other similar photo articles or essays on the seattlepi or other local news websites.

One of these photo essays included three photos of gals in thongs and topless doing some protest outreach for PETA. PETA is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. They have found that their nude and near-nude campaigns generate publicity and attention.

I decided that when it was convenient I would do some similar standing at Westlake Park, and that grew into taking a walk to and from Westlake Park from Yesler Way.

If I recall correctly, I did 2 or 3 standings at Westlake Park prior to October 2014. After the confrontation with Robert Starcher on Saturday 10/4/14, I went on Monday 10/6 for a clothed walk at Alki beach. For the next several days, in addition to walking at Greenlake, I walked to and from Westlake. I was blessed with one cute w******* and one nice woman SPD officer took a photo of my sign.

Here is the w****** and here are some photos from a more recent PETA outrreach event, January 2015.

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