Greenlake Walking


So . . . some of you do come to this page! Ha!

Is it bad to view the girls at Greenlake? I don't know!! Of course, as the dictionary says, "Girl . . .[uh . . .] 2. a female adult, especially a young one. This use is considered offensive by many women"! Well, I'll be!

And then there are actual girls who are being pretty and having fun at Greenlake! Ha!

These are some wonderful photos from 5 months in 2014. Here are two photos each from those months, with the exceptions of April, May and August. If you do view the photos with appreciation, it would be nice of you to think occasional kind thoughts of the ladies. I am not sure what else you might think!

By the way, in placing these photos here, my intention is not to hurt or embarass anyone. If a person's photo is here, it is because I regard her or the photo as pretty, beautiful or interesting in a positive way. Also, some of the best photos I have left in the galleries. Some of the best are on this page and some are in the galleries! You will have to see, if you wish!

Over time, I will work on populating the galleries with full-size photos and with another gallery.

The galleries section is flawed and under construction . . . Till I have done more work, we should try this page