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Kissing in Greeting

I think this is great fun and something some of "you" should learn or at least think about.

First, note that kissing in greeting could refer to kissing on the mouth and it could refer to bising or kissing the cheek or air by the cheek.

If this interests you, then, the way to proceed is either to ask about it, or to give a sign of being receptive to it.

Some people enjoy bising in greeting. I have had a number of young ladies of college-age think this was the funnest thing, when they asked me what was a bise. A bise is the kiss of greeting in France. One leans in and kisses the air by the cheek and then moves to the other cheek. In fact, one may kiss the air by the cheeks several times.

There is a joke in France about this. In different parts of France, one does a different number of kisses. In different parts of France it is one or two or three or four. Anyway, an attractive guy and an attractive gal meet at a party. In France, it is entirely possible to meet a person for the first time and to kiss them in greeting, depending on the context and what you think of them and what they wish.

Anyway, they may be about to kiss in greeting and the guy says, "Chez nous, c'est quatre," which means, "Where I am from, we kiss four times."

And if the gal wishes to tease him back, she says, "Chez nous, c'est huit!" That means, "Where I am from, we kiss eight times!" Of course, there are no regions of France in which people kiss eight times in greeting. And they may kiss the air by each other's cheek several times.

And in fact, I have met several young ladies from France who were visiting or attending school in Seattle. We talked for a bit in French and then I said, "On se fait la bise?" which means, "Shall we kiss each other in greeting with the bise?" And usually, but not always, they have said yes. I have "fait la bise" (done the bise) with both women and men from France who were here in Seattle.

One way to introduce this subject is to ask, "What is a bise?" or, "Do you bise in greeting?"

After the basic instruction in bising, two persons may do it. It is quite an adventure but relatively safe!

The two other ways to bring up the subject of kissing in greeting is indirect. Hug and when you hug, place your cheek on the cheek of the other person and wait a bit. To be stationary, with your cheek touching the cheek of another person is pretty close and can easily lead to a kiss on the cheek or mouth.

Most persons when they hug hug very briefly. They hug in and pull away quickly. You don't have to do that. A few persons per hundred will hug longer by simply not pulling away quickly and that is normal where I am from.

Or, when you are pulling inwards to hug, do so with your mouth and nose nearly aligned and set at the same place as the mouth and nose of the other person, right before the even closer contact of hugging. The other person should get the idea and follow up on it!

If and when I hug, there are two main types of people whom I hug. There are newer persons and strangers and there are persons I commonly hug. With newer persons and strangers, I often stand stationary and let them come to me. They come to me; they come to me as close as is comfortable for them and with heads aligned as they wish and with cheeks touching or not as they wish.

If you speak French and even if you do not, this is a funny video on youtube about bising in greeting . . .