Greenlake Walking

The nude guy of 9/14/14!

There was a guy who was pretty bold on September 14, 2014.

I do not know if he was inspired by my sunbathing or by other factors. On Sunday evening, 9/14/14, a guy was fully nude and reading a newspaper between the walking path and the lake itself for what I believe to have been more than an hour! The fellow had chosen his spot in an interesting way so that his genitals were not readily visible to those who walked by on the paved walking path, though they were to those who walked by on the unpaved path right next to the lake itself. The fellow was near 67th and East Greenlake Way, if I recall correctly.

I passed by him around 5:20 or 5:30 p.m. and then I went back and sat and watched for a half hour or so. During the time that I was watching no one seemed particularly concerned and no one seems to have called 911. Before I left, I myself walked past him a few feet away on the unpaved walking path.

On the online crime map, there is a 911 call logged which apparently was made about this fellow after I had left the area. But he left before police arrived, from what I was told, and so, it seems that no SPD warned him or threatened him with arrest or arrested him.

The world naked bike ride group often have ridden and/or stopped at the Seattle Center fountain without too much legal problem, if any. (It has depended on the year.)

I do not know if people will end up sunbathing nude at Greenlake on a regular basis. Sooner or later someone might try some simple nude photography in a way that is not right next to the walking path, I think.