Greenlake Walking

Personal Changes

Here are some changes in my life from these two years of Greenlake walking:

  1. regular exercising
  2. learning about exercise and health
  3. learning about exercise and dementia prevention
  4. learning about vitamin D deficiency
  5. taking pure barre and some other women's fitness classes
  6. going to church again
  7. learning more about signs and coincidence
  8. discussion to follow when I have time to update this page . . .

1. regular exercising

Prior to walking at Greenlake for fun and art appreciation creation, I had not been walking or exercising regularly, except when work caused me to walk. I joined a gym in late 2013 and then another and then another to walk to stay slim.

When I first joined the gym and I was walking on the treadmill, I would overheat after walking 25, 30 or 35 minutes on an incline. Now I alternate walking and running up inclines of varying degrees.

2. exercise and health

Walking produces 60% more creativity as measured by one study.