Greenlake Walking

PSA re being photographed while sunbathing

There are some persons who dislike the idea of being photographed while they are sunbathing at Greenlake.

Although it would make life a bit more difficult for me and might deprive me of a bit of joy in some cases, I will give you a hint, if you wish it.

When you are sunbathing, you have a choice as to the angle your bod makes with the walking path or places where people normally walk. A large portion of gals who sunbathe do so with their bods "square" to (or a a right angle to) the walking path or paths, and with their bod and face facing away from the walking path.

If you are face down, an assuming you have a nice figure, this position does well at letting others see your figure and/or photograph you. Note that in 2014, I believe that at least 3/4 of the gals at Greenlake who weresunbathing adopted this position, approximately square to the walking paths.. Whether intentionally or unwittingly, these gals, when face down, are showing a nice figure, if they have it, to those who walk by on the walking path.

Now, if for some reason the gal is switched around so that her bod and face face towards the walking path or paths, she is less likely to be viewed or photographed. Why? Because, when someone is viewing her from the walking path, her figure, whether attractive or not, does not show up as well, either to the naked eye or the camera.

In order to get a better photograph, a guy would have to exit the walking path or paths and be standing somewhere behind the gal, either on the grass itself or on the outer perimeter of Greenlake. Leaving the walking path (or paths) in order to walk in the area "behind" a gal is less polite and less likely to happen. On the other hand, if a gal is positioned so that her figure is naturally visible, while she is face down and others are walking on the walking path, she is likely, in some cases, to be viewed.