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PSA re Helping the Seattle Police

From my point of view, the Seattle police have mostly been nice and helpful to me and have mostly been not badly upset . Because several Seattle police officers have been respectful and helpful to me and not irritating, I think it would be nice to do the the SPD a favor and here is my idea of two favors.

In the protests in November and December 2014 of the killing of Michael Brown, there were protestors who carried signs saying, "We are Chris Monfort." Chris Monfort was a man who got angry at society and took his anger out by doing an ambush shooting of two Seattle police officers on Halloween 2009. Monfort killed one and wounded the other.

Now, I personally believe that people who carry a sign saying "We are Chris Monfort" are indicating that they do not know God and are badly misguided. If you would like to help the Seattle police, would you like to humor me and consider praying in your mind or out loud as follows: "God, your will be done in the lives of these persons who carried signs saying they are Chris Monfort. God show them the right way!"

A more general favor is simply to pray that God show people in Seattle the right way. Perhaps the SPD will have fewer car prowls and fewer thefts of cell phones. Perhaps there will be fewer cases of indecent exposure in which a guy is acting in a way that would foolishly upset schoolgirls who may feel unprotected or fewer thrill-killings, as seems to have happened once.

Maybe in a few years, you or I will go to a church in which people share testimonies of finding God . . . and maybe someone will say, "A few years ago, I was carrying a sign that said I was Chris Monfort." In any case, if you pray and if God pays attention to the prayer of yours to show such people the right way, the wife or kids or friends of some other Seattle police may later appreciate it without ever knowing who you were!