Greenlake Walking

In 2013, the police were watching me a bit!

The first day that I walked in 2013 was Tuesday, July 9th. It was a great adventure. I began near the small craft center and walked once around the lake. The undies I was wearing were noticeable in the sense of being less than people usually see others wearing but they were more modest than those I have worn usually in 2014. I assumed people would not regard my wearing them as a reason to call the police.

A little north of the East Greenlake beach a group of school-aged kids saw me. (They were of early teen years.) One girl said, "Pants," and put her hands over her eyes . . . and then she and some others laughed!

I assume it was not them who called and let police know I was walking in undies . . . but on Wednesday and Thursday, there was a Seattle police patrol car parked very near the small craft center, which is at the SW turn of the lake. I walked both days, but wondered if the police presence meant that SPD was getting ready to arrest me and/or have me charged!

Before walking I had read about the uncertain boundaries of the law in some aspects. I knew that in 2008 the Seattle parks commission had considered and then indefinitely postponed having a modesty code for the parks. (I later learned that the deferring of action took place despite a city parks official speaking to them to explain why she felt it was needed.) What I did not know was whether or not a member of the public could just complain passionately and cause a police response to me personally with a threat of arrest, based on nudity per se, seeing some of my butt per se or seeing some pubic hair per se.

So when I first began, I used more modest undies than I have in 2014, to be more safe and to test the waters. I did not know if people could or would complain . . . and how the police would handle such calls.

Because of the patrol vehicle being present, I worried and I searched online. I found that Seattle has an online crime map system. I looked at the map and saw that I had already apparently been the cause of 2 911 calls reported as re "lewd conduct!" Oh, not good!

I did not like this at all and I wondered what to do! Was I about to be arrested given a stern warning? The next morning, Friday, I had an appointment with two Rolfers I know. I told them I had walked and that the police had parked their cars near Greenlake's small craft center as if in awareness and perhaps in watching. One of the Rolfers suggested that if I did not know the police were intending and if I was worried, that I go and ask them!

I did not know if that was a good idea, but I gradually decided I would approach the north precinct building and ask to find out their intentions. I figured that if I myself walked to the precinct building and asked to speak with someone, while clothed, that that was less likely to result in arrest than other possibilities!

I parked near the precinct building and walked over. The door was locked and I used a little call box to request to speak with someone. About 15 minutes later, two patrol cars pull into the parking space in the front of the Precinct building where I was sitting.

I told them I had walked at Greenlake in skimpy undies on the previous two days and I did not know if the police were about to be arresting me!

The lead responding officer did not seem overly concerned! Thank God! He was not encouraging me, but he did not discourage me, either. I was pretty happy and decided to perhaps continue walking!

From that day until the end of 2013, when I walked at Greenlake in undies, I checked the online crime map every evening. From 7/12/13 until 10/06/13 there were no more 911 calls reported about me re lewd conduct that I knew of. If there had been many more of them, I probably would have stopped walking. I later learned that sometimes calls are made about me and not recorded on the online map. Sometimes people call and the call is recorded as a suspicious person call. Once in a while a call in reference to me is logged into the map as much as 1 or 2 hours after the call is made, if police do not arrive quickly, which probably began to happen, on some occasions, after they gradually perceived I was not a substantial threat.

In September 2014 there was one or more calls made about me and logged as nuisance calls. I think that sometimes people have called and the 911 operators have encouraged them not to worry about things, if I was not nude, but there have been those few times in which people have wanted the police come anyway. In most cases in which a person accepted my wearing a thong as not being a problem, I think that there was generally nothing logged into the online crime map. I believe it definitely happened a number of times in 2014 that a person made a 911 call and the 911 operator said that it was not going to be regarded as illegal for me to walk in a thong, but I don't have proof that operators said that, exactly. I think that happened at least once in 2013, but I am not sure. I make this guess based on what I think were people having called what I assume was 911 in my vicinity and then deciding to drop it.

In 2013, I kept images of the online crime map during my first week of walking. Then, I would check the online crime map but not save images each day.

In 2014, because a Fish and Wildlife officer had indicated I might be arrested, I began to keep copies more regularly of images of the crime map for most days, if I could and remembered, on days when I walked at Greenlake in undies. However, I see from my records that I stopped keeping careful track around September 15th, but that some days subsequent to 9/15/14 are documented by emails I sent to Loren Street, an SPD officer.

Now that I have this batch of images of online crime maps, here is what was logged in the crime map regarding my walking, from March to October 2014. Note that in July, my walks were usually clothed and I did not keep as careful track. It appears that some persons call police when I walk clothed if they were unhappy that I had taken a gal's photograph at the beach or on the lawn!

Police came out to Greenlake, and rode around in a car or around the lake on bicycles, perhaps looking to see if someone was photographing people! Of course, maybe they were doing something else! They generally ignored me in terms of any more obvious surveillance on days or times I was walking clothed, but I wondered if I should have said hi to them, on one of their bike trips at the lake!

Note that on some days of walking, I was probably seen by between 600 and more than 1000 persons. On some days, I walked around Greenlake twice in undies.

% walk days with or w/o calls about me logged into the crime map Greenlake 2014 only, missing docs means days counted as not walked
Month days not walked/recorded walked days days with no complaint known to me in crime map on walked day possible 911 call logged on walk day re myself: lewd or suspicious or nuisance % of walked days w/o logged investigation call during period
October (est.) 19 12 10 2 83%
September 14 est. 16 apprx. 13 3 81%
August 12 est. 19 15 4 79%
July unk unk unk 2 or 3 I believe, re photos unk
June 18 12 11 1 92%
May 22 9 8 1 89%
April 28 2 2 0 100%
March 30 1 1 0 100%