Greenlake Walking

Seattle's Nude beaches

In 2010, there was discussion in Seattle about having a nude or clothing optional beach or beaches. Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn had some sort of request board or website. It was reported that by July 2010 2000 or so people made the request for a nude or clothing optional beach. (The number was only 800 or so, when reported by the seattlepi in May 2010.) I don't know the details of how the request was worded. The requests were expressed on a now-defunct website ideasforseattle.

Although there was a meeting with acting Parks Superintendent, Christopher Williams, nothing came of the requests outwardly. And elected officials did not have a strong preference to put the matter up for a vote or official designation.

I had previously heard about Howell Park and Denny Blaine parks being nude or clothing optional, but I had not visited them. I also did not know to what degree those two beaches fit with the requests that some had made for a nude or clothing optional beach.

On 9/6/14 (September 6th) I was walking at Greenlake and I encountered a group who were doing or setting up to do some acro-yoga posing. I chatted with them and one of them said that comrades that day were at Alki and some were at some clothing-optional beach on Lake Washington.

I rechecked the information available on the web and I decided to visit Howell Park beach and Denny Blaine park, which I did the next day, on 9/7/14. It was a warm and sunny Sunday morning when I visited. These beaches, by the way, are within a few blocks of each other. I do not know how close they are to Madison Park beach to which I have not yet gone.

I could be wrong, but I think that everyone I saw at Howell park beach was nude or topless.

At Denny Blaine park beach, there are several slightly different areas. In the innermost area and next to the water, some were nude or topless but not all. Was it 1/3 or 1/2 that were nude or topless? I do not know the number.

I believe there was at least one kid with parents at Denny Blaine park beach.

Because of the Kerlikowske memo . . . and because of police only responding to meaningful complaints, it appears that Howell Park beach and Denny Blaine park beach have been unofficial nude or clothing optional beaches.

Apparently people still at times agitate for that cause, without realizing that the matter appears to be completely settled. At least, at Howell Park beach and with 70% or more persons nude or topless, how would a person judge a complaint that someone was nude?