Greenlake Walking

A Sexy Walk: What, How and Why

Although I have walked at Greenlake many times, I do not believe I have seen any " sexy walking" intentionally done. I have not done it as of 2014 and I have not seen it done. If we look above at the photos in the "header bar" we see that my hips and butt are pretty "flat" and parallel to the ground, in four different photos and postures.

This is how most people walk, but this is not the way of walking done by some dancers and models. There are other ways that some gals might walk and which other persons find more attractive, or more interesting.

After having studied this subject for the last few weeks, and watched Victoria's Secret fashion show and some other videoclips, I was at the gym's cardio theatre today walking while watching a movie.

At this time, I count what seem to me to be six different variables in a person's walk which he or she may apply or not or vary or not. Some of them ( maybe all?) of them are used at timesby gals and girls to have a sexy walk, though I do not know if each one makes the walk more sexy, or if it is simpy a variable. The basic way we tend to walk is with hips flat to the ground and mostly stationary, not swiveling, and with hips remaining at about the same height during the walk. I think this is the most energy efficient walk, but I don't know!

The six variables in walking are:

  1. whether or not the hips swivel around a line perpendicular to the ground, resulting in a forward and back motion on the treadmill, for each hip;
  2. the speed of the walk;
  3. the step-length;
  4. the height of the knee-lift when the knee is part of the forward leg;
  5. each front foot being placed in a line with the back foot, or to the side of the line, or having crossed over the line;
  6. whether or not one keeps the front knee somewhat bent, resulting in having a bounce in the hips and upper body, with each step.

The default walk, I believe, is with hips steady, not swiveling (forward and back) and not bouncing, knees not lifted high, each foot placed on the side of the line created by the back foot, and with knee mostly straight in a way that does not produce up and down mild bouncing.

Psychologists have done experiments with gals on a treadmill. When gals and perhaps girls think they are being watched for being sexually attractive, they walk differently! One of several ways to "walk differently" is to let the hips swing forward and back more . . . and one way is to have the hips swing left and right more . . . At least, I think these are two different ways! Maybe they are two parts of the same way!

In a clip on youtube there is a portion from a show entitled the science of sex appeal. Women who were told that their walk would be judged for sexiness walked differently than otherwise. The clip shows a basic and simple "swivel" around a line to the sky. Walking with a hip swivel is one of the simplest ways a person might change her walk. But I am not sure that it is considered the sexiest or even if it is considered sexy at all.

Using a long step-length is done by some Victoria's Secret models walking on the runway. Using a high knee-lift for each step is used by some models on the runway and in the Shakira song Las De La Intuicion. Using a step that lands "in the line" or "over the line" created by the back foot is used in Las De La Intuicion, by some VS models and is recommended by strip-dancers and go-go dancers. Carmen Villalobos seems to use a knee that remains somewhat bent with the result that her upper body bounces slightly.

I was walking on the treadmill today (1/1/15) for nearly two hours. I experimented with a variety of walks.

The walk which I and others regard as sexy is one that results in alternative right and left tilts. I don't know which combination of factors produces the best results. I think one of the most natural walks is how Carmen Villalobos does it, and this may be combined with a gentle foot-cross into the line formed by the back foot.

gal in costume Shakira walking

What some people find attractive is a walk in which the hips become tilted and the tilt alternates back and forth from side to side. Note the hips of tinkerbell here. She has one leg straight and one leg bent. The result is that the hip over the straight leg is a bit higher than her other hip. We find that a line across the tops of Tinkerbell's hips, or the hem or her skirt, is angled and falling gently as we move right.

I do not remember seeing any gals or girls at Greenlake doing any clearly sexy walking. Maybe I was not paying attention on the right day . . . maybe the gals and girls of Seattle at Greenlake do not do much sexy walking! If a person is not thinking of sexy walking, it is easy to walk with a simple default walk.

In the movie November Man, there is a heroine played by Olga Kurylenko. At one point, she pretends to be of strong sexual interest to get in to see a candidate for the Russian Presidency. She is there to seduce and then kill him, if possible. Here in the trailer to the movie we see her hips form different angles in less than a second. If we use a protractor, we actually find that the angle of Tinkerbell's dress and that of Kurylenko are about the same.

kurylenko 1 kurylenko 2 kurylenko 3 Shakira hips waving

Now, some people believe that the way to produce a sexy walk is to make sure that each foot goes in front of the other, or even crosses over a line created by the other. Look at Kurylenko. Her legs and feet are not crossing each other or in front of one another, but she has the angle in her hips and the hem of her dress as we see in the second image above.

How is some sexy walking done?

Take a look at the walk below by Carmen Villalobos.

Here is a walk I enjoy seeing!

Note how Carmen's skirt "opens left," then "opens right" and alternates. Of course, we don't see Carmen's hips and butt, but we can guess about their angles from her skirt. If we wished, we could again pull up our proctractor and find that the angle formed by Carmen's hips or the hem of Carmen's skirt is plus or minus 10 degrees, depending on which hip is lower. These are the same angles as in the images of Tinkerbell and Kurylenko.

carmen sexy walking carmen sexy walking

On the left we have several seconds of Carmen walking. On the right, we have an image. Note the right leg in the image on the right side. Carmen's right leg is now slightly in front of her left leg. Note that Carmen's right leg is bent! (This is not normal for the walk of most people, I believe. But see the images below of a model walking in the Fashion Show and see a similar bent front leg!) In the gif-image on the left, note also that Carmen's hips seem to rise and dip in height.

In normal walking, people use a step that is just over a foot in length and we use mostly straight legs. My normal "step" is about 17 inches long. To put it another way, my normal single step, without my thinking much, is between 1.25 and 1.5 feet. Now, take a look at these photos of a model walking near the beginning of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2013.

model walking1 model walking2 model walking3 model walking4

This model has a very sexy, fun walk and way of posing. Notice that her front knee is bent during much of her forward step, just as we see in the walk of Carmen Villalobos. Notice also that the step-length of this model is long! Her step-length while walking is nearly the step-length of a person jogging! Here, in images 3 and 4, we see her distance from foot to foot being the same as the height from the ground to her butt. For me, that would be a step-length of 29 inches! Proportionately speaking, that is like almost doubling my normal step-length!

I did some experiments with measuring tape and walking in front of a mirror. By simply thinking about it, I comfortably increased my "step-length" while walking to between 23 and 29 inches. A somewhat normal "long-step-length" would be a "new-step-length" of 24 inches. One can do even more, as the model does in her walk. And it is easy to see in the mirror that walking with a longer step vamps it up.

Now, when a person searches youtube for sexy walk, and is seeking an actual sexy walk rather than the dance by that name,, there are 4 clips of dancers explaining how to do sexy walking. Their basic instruction is to place each foot in front of the other, and to let the hips swing out, side to side. However, in the clip of Carmen, we see a beautiful sexy walk, and it seems to be done without placing each foot in front of the other! Note that in the scene with Olga Kurylenko, her hips form the usual 10 degree angle but it does not seem she has done it by placing one foot in front of the other.

I believe a person actually has two or three choices if she wishes to vamp up her walk. The first is to lengthen her step-length. The second is to intentionally walk by placing the front foot in front of the back foot. The third choice is to do both.

The model in the Fashion show with a very nice walk takes long steps and actually also crosses her feet in front of each other.

Why would a gal or girl vamp up her walk? Obiously, some gals vamp it up while going to a club or when they are the certain of attention. As for teen-girls, I don't know . . . but some of them do compete to be cheerleaders. Who knows if an interesting walk will be helpful?

hips wave