Greenlake Walking


Here are some stories from these two years of Greenlake walking. I think that there are five categories of stories. People of different age groups tend act differently than those in other age groups, though not with perfect predictability! Some of them surprise me at times! Some stories are not directly from Greenlake walking, but may illustrate something.

Oh, as I use the word "girls" the word means girls under 10, unless I have written "teenage girls" or something similar. I sometimes use the phrase young ladies for girls of teenage years unless I believe that they themselves are happy to be called girls. It is fun to call girls girls, but it is also nice to call them young ladies if that is their preference . . .

In Latin America and in hispanic communities, they have a quinceanera, which is a party at about a girl's birthday when she is 15. A girl over 15 is or was considered a young woman.

Below are the groups of stories:

  1. with God
  2. with adults
  3. with police
  4. with teenaged girls (12-17)
  5. with kids (under 12).

With God or spiritual signs:

God does not seem to talk to me in words heard in my mind, at this time, so far as I know.However, there are instances of strange coincidences or answered prayer or inspiration that seem to me to have had a spiritual source. In the Bible, there is the story of Gideon who was seeking guidance from God and God answered him by making a fleece wet and the ground dry and then, the next day, the fleece dry and the ground wet.

Some people believe that God at times communicates with us by means of signs. Sometimes signs are miracles done with a special significance. Soemtimes signs are not miraculous, but may include strange, meaningful happenings or coincidences, done in answer to prayer or unspoken need.

  1. Abraham's sign and finding Rebecca
  2. Carl Jung and Einstein on synchronicity
  3. The wind saves Washington
  4. The storm helped trap the British!
  5. The Christian testimony of Peter and Barbara Jenkins
  6. The stewardess getting married guidance story
  7. Christian pastors say the stewardess was not guided by God
  8. Hugging in the health club in 2010; of God or not?
  9. Greetings girls at Thanksgiving dinner in 2010; of God or not?
  10. God blessing 2 people in September 2013
  11. including 2 Bible verses on my sign; of God or not?
  12. Why would God get involved?
  13. An alternative theory about signs
  14. The sign given to David Wilkerson long ago
  15. reading the seattlepi 2/2/14
  16. first day walking in undies again in April 2014
  17. walking at Alki, first day clothed
  18. What does that say?
  19. The Free Doughnut day 10/12/14!
  20. The ten-person appreciation day!
  21. She stopped for me at the crosswalk!
  22. Six to nine grade-school aged girls ignore my attire and want a hug!
  23. Kelly praying for healing at Mosaic church
  24. on God and meaningful coincidences
  25. Did the LDS handcart companies miss the signs?
  26. An SPD officer holds a door open for me 1/25/15!
  27. I randomly watch Chris Hayes one day at the gym

1) Abraham's sign and finding Rebecca

According to Genesis 15, God made some promises to Abraham. God had previously made promises to Abraham in Genesis 12. In Genesis 15, on one hand, it says Abraham believed God and on the other hand, Abraham said to God, “O Lord God, how am I to know that I shall possess it?” Genesis 15:6-8. For whatever reasons, God having said the thing to Abraham was perhaps not enough and Abraham said to God, "How am I to know?" God tells Abraham to get some animals, which Abraham did and he cut them in half. Later in the day, "a smoking fire pot and a flaming torch passed between these pieces." Gen 15:17 ESV

God did a miracle or God gave Abraham a vision, a dream or what some might call a hallucination. The miracle, vision or hallucination was a sign to Abraham that he would do the things he had been promising to Abraham.

Later, Abraham sends a servant to another land to find a wife for Isaac. As the servant nears some wifely prospects, he prays, Gen 24:12

“O Lord, God of my master Abraham, please grant me success today and show steadfast love to my master Abraham. 13 Behold, I am standing by the spring of water, and the daughters of the men of the city are coming out to draw water. 14 Let the young woman to whom I shall say, ‘Please let down your jar that I may drink,’ and who shall say, ‘Drink, and I will water your camels’—let her be the one whom you have appointed for your servant Isaac. By this[b] I shall know that you have shown steadfast love to my master.”

And Rebecca does the thing that the servant of Abraham had asked God to have the right young woman to be the wife of Isaac to do.

How often, when and why does God do these kinds of things to communicate God's will or to help people?

2) Carl Jung on synchronicity

Carl Jung began to believe that unlikely, non-random and meaningful events happened in the lives some people. Wikipedia says,

Synchronicity is the occurrence of two or more events that appear to be meaningfully related but not causally related. Synchronicity [theory] holds that such events are "meaningful coincidences".

In a book in 1952, Jung tells how a dream and a beetle changed the life of a patient . . .

My example concerns a young woman patient who, in spite of efforts made on both sides, proved to be psychologically inaccessible. The difficulty lay in the fact that she always knew better about everything. Her excellent education had provided her with a weapon ideally suited to this purpose, namely a highly polished Cartesian rationalism with an impeccably “geometrical” idea of reality. After several fruitless attempts to sweeten her rationalism with a somewhat more human understanding, I had to confine myself to the hope that something unexpected and irrational would turn up, something that would burst the intellectual retort into which she had sealed herself. Well, I was sitting opposite her one day, with my back to the window, listening to her flow of rhetoric. She had an impressive dream the night before, in which someone had given her a golden scarab — a costly piece of jewellery. While she was still telling me this dream, I heard something behind me gently tapping on the window. I turned round and saw that it was a fairly large flying insect that was knocking against the window-pane from outside in the obvious effort to get into the dark room. This seemed to me very strange. I opened the window immediately and caught the insect in the air as it flew in. It was a scarabaeid beetle, or common rose-chafer (Cetonia aurata), whose gold-green colour most nearly resembles that of a golden scarab. I handed the beetle to my patient with the words, "Here is your scarab." This experience punctured the desired hole in her rationalism and broke the ice of her intellectual resistance. The treatment could now be continued with satisfactory results.

— Jung, C.G. (1969). Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle, pp. 109-110 


Einstein once said, "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous." Coincidence leaves some of us wondering. Perhaps it was God acting; perhaps not. Two people may see the same events. One may believe that God is responsible and others deny it. Still others say that coincidence, while not fully natural, is produced merely by our desires and beliefs . . .

Are the coincidences that seem to lead us in certain directions or indicating that some things are right merely the product of our desires, or are they the leading of God?

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3) Rain and wind save Washington

On August 27, 1776 the British defeated Washington's army on Long Island. Washington and the army was surrounded on Brooklyn Heights with the East River to their back. The British do not immediately press their advantage, expecting Washington's surrender. On August 28 it began to rain. On August 29th, the rain increased. One Brooklyn pastor wrote in his diary, "Such heavy rain fell again as can hardly be remembered."

With Washington's army nearly trapped, five British warships went north to cut off a possible retreat on the river. As they did so, the wind "veered off to the north. The ships, after tacking to and fro, trying to gain headway, at last gave up" (1776, McCullough, p. 175).

As the British turned around and head south, the wind calmed down and the rebels began their escape over a mostly calm river.

4) The wind hemmed in the British!

The wind and the weather played a role in the Revolutionary War.

In March 1776 a snowstorm prevented General Howe from attacking Washington's camp on Dorchester Heights at Boston. On average, per year, March in Boston has four days with new snow.

On December 26, 1776 Washington attacked and defeated the Hessian garrison at Trenton. At this point in the war, the colonist army was very discouraged. Without a win, many of the men would have left the army. The Hessians had not sent out patrols the night before because the weather was severe.

Iin the first battle of Brandywine, the British defeated Washington 9/11/77. Both armies regrouped and were about to fight again. At this point, terrible rain and thunder prevented another battle, 9/16/77. Washington's army left the scene in peace.. British General Howe attempted to pursue Washington but was unable. Senior officers later testified to Parliament that the rain prevented the desired attack.

In May 1780, in southern states, the British commander Tarleton led his troops in a massacre of about 75% of Continentals as they attempted to surrender. This stirred up rebellion of ordinary people.

Starting in early 1781, the army of Cornwallis spent their time chasing rebels under Morgan. "Heavy rains and overflowing streams troubled both armies, but at the most critical points the winter flooding seemed to abet the Americans."

The American were outnumbered and being pursued, generally speaking until much later in the year. Again and again, rivers let Continentals pass and then swelled to prevent the British pursuit. British general Lord Cornwallis wrote, the “swelling of numberless creeks in our way, rendered all our efforts fruitless . . .” A few weeks later he wrote again that he was “much distressed by the rivers and creeks being swelled.”

On October 6, 1781, the armies of Washington and the French began to dig the first parallel of trenches for the seige of Yorktown. The seige of Yorktown was about to become the final and decisive end of war in North America. The sky is heavily overcast and the darkness prevents the British from seeing what is happening. Perhaps the British had already lost the battle by this point; perhaps the dark night simply saves American lives.

On October 16, 1781, British General Cornwallis in Yorktown has been placed under seige and attack. Cornwallis orders an attempt at escape by using small boats to go north to Gloucester. About a thousand troops, out of 8000, make it out to Gloucester initially, but a storm arose which forced Cornwallis to abandon the attempt to escape to the north. Surrender is negotiated on the 18th and signed on the 19th of October.

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5) Peter and Barbara Jenkins

A number of years ago, Peter Jenkins did not have much purpose or direction in his life. He decided to see America by walking across America.

Partway through Peter's walk, he felt drawn to stop in a crusade service and gave his heart and life to God. He met a girl named Barbara about this time and they began to see each other while he took a break from walking for several months. After a time, he asked Barbara to marry him and Barbara did not know what to do. Barbara prayed and part of her prayer, at some point, was that God would show her or give her a sign as to what to do.

Barbara had prayed and one Sunday they went to church. A visiting speaker preached on Genesis 24:58, in which relatives say to Rebecca, "Will you go with this man?" And, in the message, the preacher asks this question several times, and Barbara is convinced that God is asking her or telling her to go with Peter Jenkins. To Barbara Jenkins, the choice of sermon text and part of the message itself constituted a personally meaningful event in answer to her prayer.

Does God communicate with people by means of such events which we take to be personally meaningful?

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6) The stewardess guidance story.

A few days ago I began to do some research on the topic of God, signs and guidance. I placed the words "God signs guidance" into a search box. The second listing that comes up is a Bible teaching message by Stephen Cole. The message begins with this story:

A flight attendant spent a week’s vacation in the Rockies. She was captivated by the mountain peaks, the clear blue skies, and the sweet smelling pines. But she also was charmed by a very eligible bachelor who owned and operated a cattle ranch and lived in a log cabin. At the end of this week, Mr. Wonderful proposed. But it had all happened so quickly that the woman decided to return home and to her job, feeling that she would somehow be guided.

The next day, in flight, she found herself wondering what to do. To perk up, she stopped in the rest room and splashed some cool water on her face. There was some turbulence and a sign lit up: PLEASE RETURN TO THE CABIN. She did--to the cabin back in the mountains.

This stewardess guidance story is actually found in several discussions on the net, with differing views as to the validity of the guidance. Several Christian pastors or teachers do not believe that God guides people in this kind of way.

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7) Christian pastors say God did not guide the stewardess

Did God or some spiritual source or power guide the stewardess with the sign that said, "Please return to the cabin?"

In one sermon, pastor Larry Sarver writes, "This story does not demonstrate the best way to make decisions in life . . ."

In another message, pastor Steven Cole writes, "I don’t recommend that method!" In a personal email, Cole writes that he considers the method of making decisions or receiving guidance used by the stewardess to be superstition.

Here is the website of the church of which Steven Cole is a pastor . . .

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8) Hugging in the health club; of God or not?

Back in 2010, I was in San Diego County. I had visited intermittently at the Rock Church in San Diego and also had a membership in 24-hour fitness club. After I had visited at the Rock for about 8 visits, on one visit on 11/21/10, I was approached by one of the security persons & greeters that I knew. He sat down on the small sofa I was already sitting on and chatted with me about several things.

Among other things, he questioned my motives for hugging people or at least for hugging women and/or girls, and he also indicated he felt that hugging them from the front was bad or inappropriate and that if and when I wished to hug them, I should side-hug them, rather than frontally hug them.

A few days later I was at the 24-hour fitness health club a few towns north of San Diego. I had finished my time there and was sitting on a sofa just waiting. I think I was doing something as simple as charging up my cell phone at an electrical outlet.

I am sitting and a fellow walks by and somehow we start talking for some reason. Perhaps it is because he is wearing a cross. His wife is there or his wife joins him shortly after our conversation begins. We talk about their walk with God and where they go to church and then I either stand and offer to hug or I ask if they hug and I hug both of them in turn.

It probably happens once a year or so that I meet a new person/Christian in the health club and on this particular day, a few days after I had been told that frontal hugging of a female was inappropriate and perhaps of bad motives, strange circumstances arranged for it, with two Christians, husband and wife, who found it perfectly normal.

I have been a member of various health clubs since 2004. As best I can recall, that is the only time that I have hugged other people at a health club. For some reason, this hug of 2 people (which never normally happens) happened just after I had been questioned about hugging, counseled that it might be overly affectionate and that I should side-hug instead.

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9) Greetings girls at Thanksgiving dinner in 2010; of God or not?

I was in Southern California in late 2010. There are a number of Calvary Chapel churches in Southern California. Many Calvary Chapel churches have a free Thanksgiving meal for everybody who wishes to visit them that day.

On 11/21/10 I had been at the Rock church and I had had a greeter & security guy question my motives about hugging people and suggest that hugging them from the front was being overly affectionate or that I was being overly affectionate.

On 11/25/10 there was Thanksgiving dinner at North Coast Calvary Chapel. I decided to visit them. This was my first visit at the church other than to say hello to a fellow on staff.

I arrive and walk up to the area where the Thanksgiving meal will be. As I approach the area, there are 2 girls of High School age by my estimation. I greet them and ask about their walk with God and/or prayer. They say that they are there to help prepare food; the gal speaking to me says she does not pray because she does not know how to pray and she would like to learn or hopes to learn.

After the lunch I ask to see if the usual minister Orville Stanton who has led the opening of the Thanksgiving lunch is there, cause I figure that it would be good to pray for the girls. Orville Stanton has left early and none of the other Calvary chapel people who are helping with the food wish to lead prayer publicly and I end up with a microphone taking prayer requests from and for everybody at the meal.

Several persons are convinced that I was a blessing and a help to them or others because of leading in some prayer after the Thanksgiving lunch. It would not have happened except for the fact that before lunch there were two nonChristians who said to me they did not know how to pray and would like to learn and that would not have happened if I abstained from greeting "girls."

How often does it happen that the assigned Calvary Chapel staff person leaves a Calvary function early, and that no other Calvary persons wish to lead in prayer at a Calvary function such as Thanksgiving dinner? I have not been to that many Calvary services and functions, but I think the number would normally be zero! At another Calvary Thanksgiving dinner I visited, the place was swarming with Calvary prayer volunteers who desired to take prayer requests and pray for you, after dinner!

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10) God blessing 2 people in September 2013.

In 2012 and 2013 I had wondered if I should include a Bible verse on my sign. I did not know if that would be bad, because some persons are irritated with my wearing skimpy undies. Would I be irritating more persons or irritating God by having a Bible verse on my sign, if and when I was walking in undies? I did not know.

Sometimes I walk at Greenlake clothed. Even on days on which I am walking in undies, I tend to have my car or a bit more clothing somewhere available. One day in September 2013, I was walking and I was passed by a woman who said she might hug me but I was not appropriately dressed!

(This comment is actually very rare, less than few times per year. A person who thinks I am not appropriately dressed normally says nothing at all . . .)

My pants were nearby. I decided that I would put on the pants and continue the walk another whole spin around the lake with the purpose of seeing the lady again while clothed.. Perhaps I would encounter her again and we would hug. I found my pants and continued walking.

Part-way on this second walk around the lake that day, I encountered 3 people who were sitting and feeding some birds. They chatted with me and towards the end of our conversation, two of the three came and hugged me and one of them did not.

Long ago, I had gone to a church in which, when you hugged another person, you often blessed them or prayed for them. And I still often do that. I do that as well when I am out in public and hug strangers! And, as I hugged each of these two, I blessed them.

About two weeks later, I was walking and a gal said she knew me and we had met a few weeks ago. She described our earlier meeting and then said that that week, the two of them who had hugged me had had lucky weeks that week.

As we separated, I thanked God for showing up and blessing those two people, if God had done so!

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11) Including Bible verses on my sign

I had wondered for some months if I should include some Bible verses on my free hugs sign. I had assumed that I should not do so because some people are irritated by my wearing undies or next to nothing.

After I had the experience with the gal who said that she and her had a lucky week on the week that the two of them had hugged me, I wondered if God was actually showing up and maybe I should include a Bible verse or two on my sign.

In Seattle you can easily greet strangers on the street or at the park with "God bless you." Most people do not respond with God bless you back to you. Some do, but it is rare and it may be less than 10% who respond with God bless you.

A day or a few days after the gal had told me that she and her friend had had lucky weeks I was walking in undies with the sign.

At one point, a fellow greeted me or asked a question. We had a very brief conversation and I blessed him with God bless you and he blessed me back with God bless you.

The same thing happened with another fellow a few minutes later. Although each of them could have chosen to be offended or irritated at me for being in undies, they choose to not have that be a factor in whether or not they would bless me. It was very rare and perhaps had never happened that there were two persons in close succession who spoke to me including God bless you in response to my God blessing them.

The conjunction of those two persons blessing me, on that day, when I was thinking of including Bible verses on my sign, and just after I had met this gal who felt she had been blessed I took to be a sign that it was ok with God for me to put Bible verses on my sign.

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12) Why would God get involved?

I don't know.

When I began to walk at Greenlake, in clothes or in undies, I had no special reason to think that I would end up blessing a lot of people I would hug or no idea that God would show up or least, that they would have a lucky week that week . . . or that other weird coincidences would occur.

There have been two kids who have asked me what Romans 15:33 said and they were kids who don't go to church or know much about the Bible. Nevertheless, it is a puzzle to me also if God is involved or how there have been some coincidences. . . and some may say God is not involved at all.

Does God or the universe believe that by my walkking in undies that others will hear of God who would not have otherwise heard and that the people hearing of God outweighs harm to Him or others done by my walking in undies? I don't know!

Suppose that I exclude the coincidences that do not seem to have a strong clear meaning. There still seem to be approximately six strange, and, to my mind, otherwise inexplicable, conjunction of events. I would not have put two Bible verses on my sign unless a woman had said she might hug me but I was not dressed appropriately, followed by two persons saying they had lucky weeks that week, followed by two guys "God blessing me" while I was wearing undies on a walk a few days later, while thinking about whether to have Bible verses on my sign.

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13) An alternative theory on signs

Because of doing this page of this website, I have begun to read a number of library books on the subjects of synchronicity, signs and coincidences.

I have read a little bit of the book Synchronicity by Kirby Surprise. Surprise claims, "Your thoughts and feelings . . . are reproduced in the events around you as coincidences." p. 15.

I have not read all or even most of the book yet, but this idea leaves some questions unanswered.

1) There are times when coincidental signs happen which happen contrary to our desires and wishes. Are the coincidences hypothesized by Surprise reflecting both our desires for things as well as desires against them?

2) If our thoughts and feelings per se create coincidences, should we assume that God is not behind the creation of the coincidences?

3) What about coincidences that happen when we have a question and we also have no strong feeling either way to do or not do a thing?

4) In my life, I have had "coincidences" in which I was accused of or it was suggested I was guilty for some questionable conduct. . . and synchronistic events happened in which that conduct was appropriate, rewarded and/or desired by others. Do we suggest that these coincidences are merely the result of my thoughts and feelings desiring to relieve guilt or express some questionable desire? Or was it God indicating that the conduct of which I was accused was OK and reasonable?

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14) The sign given to David Wilkerson

Many years ago David Wilkerson was a pastor of an Assembly of God church. He would come home and watch TV and then go to sleep. One day he wondered how things would go or be if he were to sell his TV and spend the time in prayer each day, which would be two hours or so.

Wilkerson put an ad in a local paper offering to sell the TV and then had second thoughts. He told God that if God wished him to sell the TV and spend the time in prayer, God would have to arrange for the TV to be sold by a certain time of day, which I think was 1:30 p.m.

And, shortly before that time, it was. In this case, the sign nudged or pushed Wilkerson in a direction he did not wish to go . . . We or some people believe that the sign was the work of God because of results in the life and ministry of Wilkerson afterwards.

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15) Reading the seattlepi

gal in skimpy bikini

Prior to February 2014 I did not read the local news with any regularity. Prior to February, I would read the news, but it was always the national news. Usually I read the news at the national newssites such as cnn. Once in a while I checked local websites, but almost never.

On Sunday 2/2/2014, for no reason I know, while websurfing I decided to visit (It was not to read about the Super Bowl.) They had a photo gallery on the subject on Seattlites enjoying showing skin at the Super Bowl. The article was encouraging to me because I saw instances in which others had successfully worn thongs without legal difficulty and with some acceptance by the public. Shortly after seeing the news article I wrote a note to Seattle police about what I had learned!

I learned that there was a Seattle no pants train ride and a pantsless charity run. I learned that gals for PETA have "protested" in thongs at Westlake Park. (This inspired me, later, to take some visits downtown in 2014. The photo at right is from January 2015. Not in a thong, but nice!)

By reading the local news, I have also read the stories of several actual or attempted abductions of kids in Seattle parks, the West Seattle Holy Rosary school flasher and life-threatening semi-random assaults in downtown Seattle. On Black Friday a protestor jumped on and punched a kneeling police officer in the head and in January 2015 there was the story of a guy using a baseball bat on a comic in Renton. Wow.

Not only that, I have gradually found out that there has been weird behavior--other than myself--at Greenlake. In early 2008, one guy did some semi-nude walking, with poor-behavior staring. Later in 2008, a guy approached some teens, telling them he was turned on by their looking and laughing. He reportedly did some masturbation with a fake penis, according to the news reports. He was later jailed and held on $100,000 bail, cause his previous bad acts included locking a woman inside a business! In early 2013, there was one attempted sexual assault at Greenlake . . . and on 10/10/14 there was another! Very bad!

Reading the local news can be discouraging. If I had been reading the local news in 2013, would I have wanted to walk at Greenlake in undies? Would I have been afraid of making people who read the local news nervous? I suppose I can understand somewhat those cases when a person has called 911, given the more crazy things that at times take place at some parks, amazingly including Greenlake. When I began my walking, I had not been reading the local news . . .

Of course, the local crime news is not all dreary. In one of the local news stories, one of the gals who had seen and reported the guy doing the 2008 semi-nude walking is quoted as saying, "It almost makes me want to go back more."

Ha! How nice!

I think that if and when I have a half a million extra, I would be happy to pay for girls and gals to have some classes at the martial arts studios so that, if they wish, they can be and feel safer!

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16) the first day walking in undies in 2014 after the lawsuit

I walked 3 times in early 2014 and on the 3rd walking day in 2014 I was confronted by a Fish and Wildlife officer and instructed that I might be arrrested. I sued the state of Washington and the officer and a few weeks laterI moved that the suit be dismissed without prejudice. After I had talked with several persons about whether or not they would regard it as a cause of reasonable affront to see someone walking in a thong at Greenlake, I realized I could walk without much fear of legal difficulty.

I decided that I would resume my walks. On my first new day of walking in undies, there were two persons who "stopped" to talk with me while I was walking and their purpose in stopping was to talk with me included asking what the Bible verses on my sign said. Normally it is rare for anyone to ask about those Bible verses, and on this day, there were two persons in a row who stopped and asked. One or both of them said they stopped to talk with me because of my attire.

On no day, before or since, have I had two persons in a row ask me what the Bible verses on my sign say . . . on no other day that I can recall, no persons have said that they stopped to talk with me and ask what the Bible verses said and part of their reason for stopping was my attire.

Was God or heaven indicating that there was actually some spiritual benefit or other useful benefit in my undie-walking behavior? Do a few more persons than otherwise see or read or think of my sign and the Bible verses? I wondered if and somewhat assumed that, given the strange coincidence, there actually was some spiritual benefit to someone in what I did, though we may find it hard to believe.

There is a prophecy announced in the Bible with the sign of Isaiah walking naked for several years, Isaiah 20.

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17) Walking at Alki, the first day, clothed

On Saturday 10/4/14 I was walking at Greenlake. During the walk, I was threatened by a fellow named Starcher. During his conversation with me, Starcher claimed that he had been at Alki beach and seen Seattle police manhandle and remove women at the beach for wearing a thong.

I decided I would visit Alki and walk a bit while clothed to see what it was like. If what Startcher had said was true in whole or in part, it was probably a place I should visit when we had good weather in 2015. On Monday 10/6/14 I parked in one area that I thought was the right place and began to walk with my sign, while clothed normally. Almost immediately a woman stopped to talk with me and we talked for a half hour or so and hugged.

I went further and learned I was in the wrong place and went and drove my car to a newer, closer place. I got out and began to walk. A mom and dad and kid said hello to me and we had a conversation for a bit.

It was two consecutive conversations with people who were happy to see me . . . It is possible to entirely walk and have no conversations . . . The two nice conversations seemed me to be a sign that Alki beach will also be a good place to visit, in time to come.

18) What does that say?

The two Bible verses on my usual free hugs sign are Romans 15:33 and Romans 16:16. One of those Bible verses speaks of the God of peace and the other is about greeting one another with a holy kiss.

While walking on 10/4/14, I was threatened by a fellow named Starcher. Several days later I read an email in which an SPD officer indicated that he had had a conversation with Starcher and that Starcher had attempted or succeeded in putting me in a poor light. When I read the email I was agitated and felt I was being wrongy accused and this resulted in my passionately writing and sending off several emails back to the SPD officer.

The next day walking was, if I recall correctly, Friday afternoon, 10/10/14. About halfway through one walk around Greenlake, a fellow stopped me and pointed to Romans 15:33 and said, "What does that say?" I said, "The God of peace be with you."

Once in a while adults ask me what the Bible verses on the sign say, but they usually do not point to the verse while asking the question.

I wondered if God was attempting to encourage me with the thought that the God of peace be with me. I did not know and so I prayed that if God were doing so, God make that more clear in some way. If it had been the case that God or heaven had in fact responded to my agitation by suggesting that I be at peace, that would be awfully nice, but that was a bit speculative!

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19) A free doughnut day at Greenlake

As I said, on 10/4/14 a fellow named Starcher threatened me on a day when we were both walking at Greenlake. Several days later, he had a conversation with an SPD officer of which I was given a one or two sentence summary. I read the sentence or two and was mentally agitated and later that day (Friday 10/10/14) a fellow came to me while I was walking and, pointing to Romans 15:33, asked what that said.

Two days later was Sunday, 10/12/14. I was walking at Greenlake again. Saturday 10/11/14 had been rainy, if I recall correctly. I was approaching the East Greenlake beach and there were two people who were giving away free doughnuts. I took half of a free doughnut and continued on my walk. I was traveling counter-clockwise as is my usual direction.

I went around the lake once and was starting to walk around it a second time. I walked by an area with some chairs and saw that the persons with doughnuts were there. They were praying, together with another person. I went and sat some yards away from them till they were done. As they finished, the person who is praying with them sees me and the sign. She points to me and to the sign and says, "There is a believer," or words to that effect. Probably since I was sitting down she did not realize I was in undies, nearly nothing in the back. Whether that would have influenced her belief that I was a believer we do not know!

I approached the people with doughtnuts to hear some of their story, given the new information that they were Christians. The woman of the two of them told me that they had earlier ended up with dozens of extra doughnuts and hadn't known what to do with them. Wondering what to do with their extra doughnuts, they (or one of the four of them) had prayed and they (or one of them) felt that God was saying to go to Greenlake that day and give away their extra doughnuts for free.

During some of their time they greeted two of the Jehovah's Witnesses who man the Watchtower magazine and discussion stand at Greenlake on Sundays.

They were part of a ministry training group training at Mosaic church.

While I was chatting with the two of them near a bench, a woman was walking on the walking path and passing by us. She saw my sign and said, "I'll take a free hug," and so she approached and she and I hugged! I could be wrong, but I think that she may have then hugged the people from Mosaic. We went back to their car and I met briefly two others, including the fellow who felt God had been saying to go to Greenlake and give away the doughnuts.

I don't know what meaning, if any, to give to meeting the Christians from Mosaic this day. I think I will visit Mosaic and perhaps meet some of them again at some point. Einstein said that the most beautiful thing is the mysterious.

The next day, while walking, I met another two Christians, one of whom was planning on doing some missionary work. Why did I meet six or seven new Christians professing their faith that weekend and I generally meet zero or maybe at most one or two? Was it because I was agitated a bit from being wrongly accused and encountering the Christians from Mosaic might have helped calm me slightly? Did God think it would be nice to have Christians encounter me who would more or less ignore the fact that I was in undies that leaves my butt exposed? Was that a nice contrast to my being threatened by Starcher a week earlier? I don't know.

Since I saw them praying, after I asked to hear some of their story, I may have shared prayer requests myself, though I do not recall.

Was it simply a fluke resulting from four persons from Mosaic's Christian ministry training visiting the lake on Sunday? Did God have a purpose in their meeting others or in my meeting them or both or neither? I don't know yet.

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21) She stopped for me!

On 10/4/14 I was threatened while walking by a fellow named Starcher. Among the things he said was that he could put in the lake blowing bubbles and no one would care. Starcher was not encouraging. For the next ten days my awareness included these negative, discouraging words of his.

I often park my car on 65th and walk down and into the park by crossing East Greenlake Way where there is no stoplight for cars or pedestrians. I think there is no marked crosswalk. I do not know if cars always stop for pedestrians here or if pedestrians tend to wait till all cars have gone by. Perhaps in 2015 I will pay attention to that and try to notice.

On 10/12/14 I walked around Greenlake twice, both times in usual undies. At the end of my walking 10/12/14 I approached East Greenlake Way. I was on the Greenlake park side, at 65th street. By happenstance or by design, a woman driver was driving to the west on East Greenlake Way approaching my position. She stopped her car and waited for me to pass to the other side. I felt happy cause it was nice to think of someone as caring!

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22) Some grade-school girls want a hug!

On 10/4/14 I was confronted and threatened by Starcher. Among his complaint was how his daughter was supposed to react to my presence, seeing some of my butt and my free hugs sign.

Back in November 2010, I had had two weird experiences in which, just after being confronted or challenged about some normal behavior, that behavior was done with me and other Christians and then, my greeting 2 "girls" led to my leading prayer at the end of a Thanksgiving lunch.

On 10/18/14 six to nine girls of grade school age repeatedly said from behind me, "I want a hug!" over the space of several minutes. More of the story is found below. I did not respond with hugs, but only with waves . . . I felt badly for the next 2 weeks, while I decided whether or not I should have hugged them.

As in the stories of my hugging a husband and wife in the health club, and then greeting "girls" at a church Thanksgiving dinner, a weird and unusual event happened just after I was confronted and/or accused of questionable conduct, an event that seemed to convey a nudge in the opposite direction of the accusation. Are these signs which are produced by God and the universe in answer to some questions we have, or are produced merely by our personal desires?

I don't know, but I'll go with God as the explanation, pending further information.

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23) Kelly praying for healing at Mosaic church

Because I was working on this website I have pondered whether or not I wish to regard the free doughnut day meeting of four persons from Mosaic church as a personally meaningful coincidence. So I figured I would go to Mosaic and meet again, if possible, the persons I had met in October.

On Sunday January 18, 2015, my usual church had their service end early by comparison. I am not sure of the reason; maybe it was so people could watch a Seahawks football game. Because my usual church and post-service fellowship were over early, it was a good day to try to visit Mosaic or any other church.

I drove up to Mosaic and said hello to people. I arrived about the time that people were milling about and some were putting away items from the stage. A staff person who had sent me email was still there and so was Kelly whom I had met 3 months earlier at Greenlake.

Kelly says that the group had gone to South Africa on a mission trip and helped some people there and there were people who were healed and some who decided to walk with God. From what she says, some persons were healed while people in the ministry training group were praying for them.

So, at the end of conversation that day, I requested prayer for myself for healing. Kelly and a fellow named Tim took some time and prayed for me.

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24) God and meaningful coincidences

There are a number of books written which discuss coincidences as being meaningful or not. After having written some of this page, I decided to study this question further. The Bible says that Jews require a sign, I Corinthians 1:22. One of the first signs in the Bible story is part of the story of the servant of Abraham seeking a wife for Isaac. The servant prayed that the right maiden would be known because he would ask for her water and she would give water, not only to him but for his camels also. Genesis 24.

A search of the Seattle public library system on the subject of signs, synchronicity and coincidences brings up almost two dozen books about such coincidences with a variety of viewpoints. Some of the ones advocating being aware of the signs and/or meaningful coincidences are written by Christians and some are not by Christians. Most of the books are written to advocate the idea that God or the universe will use them to guide us, give us a message or show us our purpose in life. There are one or more books written by mathematicians arguing that improbable events, such as some person winning the lottery twice, are likely to happen.

There is a book out by Robert Perry with the title Signs. The book purports to be "A New Approach to Coincidence, Synchronicity, Guidance, Life Purpose, and God's Plan."

Barbara Harris Whitfield, a near-death experiencer, wrote a favorable forward to the book, although Perry advocates for the Course in Miracles as well, which may be foolish.

On Tuesday 9/30/14 I had ten favorable interactions with others on a single day and there were several more over the next few days. Was it merely coincidence or was it partly because I prayed a week or so earlier and asked God if what I was doing was valuable and good? Do we include the fact that Starcher was angry with me on Saturday 10/4/14? What we seem to know is that some appreciate seeing me and some do not!

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25) I was LDS for 12 years and read and know a bit of LDS history. At one point in LDS history, it was the duty of LDS to gather to Utah and nearby. In 1856, Brigham Young had a plan to save money and maybe time by having the new converts walk with handcarts across the plains.

The LDS tend to pride themselves on hearing from God and/or receiving revelation and/or having the Holy Spirit which they also usually allege that they have and the nonLDS lack. The LDS tend to also believe it is wrong or bad to ask for or seek signs. There is little or no discussion among the LDS about if, when or how God might use signs to communicate with people. The reason is that it is assumed that every LDS anyway can and does hear from God directly and clearly and so he or she doesn't need signs. Also, seeking signs tends to be condemned by the Book of Mormon and by Smith.

Anyway, in 1856, there were 5 handcart companies that crossed the plains. Each one left at a slightly different time of year. The last two companies left later in the year and snow came early that year. About 200 people were killed by cold and starvation and many others lost body parts.

I actually think that God arranged for the snow to come early that year, exceptionally early, to show them and the world what God thinks of LDS prophecies. For a number of the LDS leaders of the handcart companies had promised that there would be good weather. One of them had said and promised he would eat every snowflake that the pioneers would encounter on their trip to Utah.

Anyway, since I have been studying and thinking about signs, synchronicity and meaningful coincidences, I wonder if, in fact, God actually had given the LDS pioneers signs which they then woefully neglected paying attention to. The handcart companies of Willie and Martin had poor equipment which was put together unexpectedly. They lacked proper lubrication for their wheels making their handcart axles prone to breaking. At least someone knew these things.

Shortly after one of the companies left a city, nearly all the pack animals they had with them became frightened and ran off. Perhaps even the animals of the saints had some better sense than to make this journey.

And so the question is, Does God ever give signs to people in ways like this that a journey is a bad choice? I don't know. I don't know enough to answer that question.

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With adults:

  1. "Lovely"
  2. "look at you!"
  3. "You're not wearing your speedo today!"
  4. "What?!"
  5. The Seattlepi covers near-nudity at Greenlake!
  6. Two news teams interview me on July 4th, 2014!
  7. "I think that is wrong!" Kissing people is wrong!--says a woman from a kind-of-Bible-teaching church where Jesus is fun. . . Song of Sol 8:1
  8. The woman with the camera!
  9. The ten-person happy response day
  10. "awesome!" & "I love it!"
  11. Threatened by Starcher
  12. whistling!
  13. Thanks about the vitamin D!
  14. Dr. Phil
  15. "You [email protected][email protected] #$ck#$# p$r*e*t!"
  16. "I saw you at the lake!"
  17. An irritated man who says he called the police . . .
  18. The endings of 3 not-quite-violent confrontations
  19. At 137 lbs, I make women uncomfortable without trying and while wearing pants--or do I?
  20. Research on response to stories and PETA nudity . . . Isaiah the prophet re Assyria conquering Egypt
  21. Lets bise!
  22. Making some white women McFarland uncomfortable
  23. Chen Lizra's idea of Cuban erotic culture

1) "Lovely."

I was walking one day in September 2013. The time was between 4:30 and 6 p.m. I was walking counter-clockwise and was a little ahead of a couple. If I recall correctly, I had just passed a bit ahead of them, for I had been walking slightly faster than they were walking. I was 4 to 10 feet ahead of them and slightly to their right.

As I am walking, I hear the single word, "lovely" spoken softly by the woman of the two of them. At first I am not sure if she is talking to me or about me. I suppose she is but I was also so naive that I was not sure if lovely referred to the view she had or to her liking my free hugs sign!

After a fraction of a minute, I figure that the word "lovely" was perhaps in reference to me and was a favorable comment. I turn slightly and said something. I think I created a conversation about my sign . . . Now, I think I should have said, "Thank you," but it was a bit unusual for me to be in the presence of a stranger who had just implied my bod looked nice.

How often, in our society, do we walk in public and a stranger say your bod is cute?

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2) In one of my first 3 walks in 2014, I began my walk and was walking. Within a short time, I was 4 to 10 feet in front of a gal. She says, "Look at you! How sweet! I'll take a hug!" and we hugged!

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3) "You are not in your speedo today!"

On March 5, 2014, I was confronted by a Fish and Wildlife officer who indicated that I might be arrested for indecent exposure. For nearly two months afterward, I wore more normal or steet clothes while walking.

While on a clothed walk shortly after the confrontation with the Fish and Wildlife officer, I passed by a couple who were sitting on the lawn. The fellow said to me, "You are not in your speedo today!"

I turned and we chatted and I said that I had been threatened by a Fish and Wildlife officer and was thinking of suing him and the state.

The man and his wife said that they had been hoping to get some photos of me while I was walking in the undies. They wished me well in my lawsuit and said they hoped I won. They told me of two previous walks on which they had seen me (I think these walks were in 2013) and how on these two walks, they had desired to take my photo but had not done so!

I hope that they were able to get some photos of me after 4/29/14! Since I often wore a mere thong (rather than a Brazilian) after that date, I hope they did not mind and that my being in a thong worked for their photos, as well as my Brazilian would have!

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4) "What?!"

After I had made the motion to dismiss the lawsuit in April 2014, I began to walk again in undies and the undies were usually more skimpy than my choice in 2013. One reason was that I knew I had a strong legal defense; I could put 4 Seattle professionals on the witness stand who would testify that they would not regard it as a cause of reasonable affront to see a person in a thong walking at Greenlake.

I was walking one day in late April or May. I walk and I pass by two ladies. As I am 5 to 15 feet in front of them. I hear the word, "What?!" from one of them.

When she first says this, I wonder if this is bad!

She then goes on to say, "Oh, free hugs? I'll take a free hug!"

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5) Near-nudity at Greenlake covered by the Seattlepi!


In March 2014 I was informed by a Fish and Wildlife officer that I might be arrested for breaking the IE of Washington. After pondering things a bit, I decided to sue him and the state, alleging that the law was unconstitutionally vague as applied to my conduct.

When I sue the state, I sent copies of my complaint to the media and I kept them apprised of the developments in the case, which I ended up asking be dismissed without prejudice. The news media did not cover my lawsuit in any obvious way.

At the ending of May and beginning of June 2014 we had some warmer weather. After the weekend, the Seattlepi had a photo essay on what people in Seattle do in hot weather. Their photographer may have missed me . . . but instead the pi published a photo of a gal doing an acrobatic yoga pose. Oh, well. . . Tis ok; sometimes some of the gals are more interesting!

Ha! This is certainly the thing we should jail people for!

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6) Two news teams interview me in pants, 7/4/14!

I was at Gas Works Park 7/4/14 in pants and with one of my free hugs signs. (This one has a sentence about spanked men being happier, but most people do not pay much attention to that part.) People gather at Gas Works Park starting in the afternoon while waiting and just having fun for the July 4th fireworks later.

News teams were there from various media covering the gathering and the later fireworks. The news team from kirotv saw me and interviewed and followed me a bit.

A little later, a news team from king5 saw me and said hello. The woman reporter was a bit skeptical. She asked if she could attach a mic to my shirt and go away for a bit and watch. I was standing stationary during this time about 13 feet west of a walking path. No one came . . . at first.

The king5 reporter returned to me and was saying something about no persons having come, and as she is talking or ribbing me gently about that, two person consecutively come up to me for hugs!

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7) "I think that is wrong!" I think that kissing people is wrong, wrong, wrong! So says a Christian gal!

Some days I walk in clothing . . . some days I walk a walk in undies before or after a walk in street clothing.

In July or August, I was walking while clothed in street clothing and I was approaching the East Greenlake beach. There are three gals of about college age. One of them sees the Bible verses on my free hugs sign and asks about them. I say that one of them is a blessing and one of them is the instruction to greet one another with a holy kiss.

She asks if I kiss people in greeting and I say yes.

She says, "Well, I think that is wrong." She is perhaps a Christian angel. She did not mention or refer to my walking in undies which I do. I assume she had not seen that cause if she had, perhaps she would have mentioned that also. She did not seem very happy with me. We chat a little bit more; she goes to City Church in the U-district and I visit the church a few times on some later Sundays. I may still visit at that church . . .

The church has photos on its website. One of the photos is of a sign saying Jesus is ____. There are people from City Church who at times wear shirts which has this unfinished sentence on them. And, another photo says something about Jesus . . . I can't imagine what that would be . . .

jesus is sign 1jesus is sign 2

O that thou wert as my brother, that sucked the breasts of my mother! when I should find thee without, I would kiss thee; yea, I should not be despised.

--Song of Solomon 8:1

Uh, oh! Bad, bad Bible verse here!

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8) The woman with a camera!

Sometime in the last half of September 2014 I prayed and asked God if my walking or sunbathing in undies had done good or was pointless.

On 9/25/14 I was sunbathing face down near the walking path near the intersection of 65th St and East Greenlake Way. As I am laying face down, I hear a click. Sometimes I have a cell phone with me and sometimes I do not. I am so naive. I have my cell phone with me and I wonder if my own cell phone has received a text or made a click for some other reason.

I decide to get up, mostly to check on my cell phone. I do so and then also begin to get dressed.

As I begin to do so, a lady says from behind me, "I feel bad you are getting up."  She had her camera or cell phone in her hand and she meant, apparently, that she was in the process of taking a few photos!  I said "It is no problem." I take off the pants I had just put on and laid face down again for a bit.  After taking her photos, she also thanked me or commended me on the vitamin-D awareness sign that I had. (When I am laying face down and sunbathing, the face of the sign that people see is about vitamin D.)

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9) The ten-person happiness expression day!

Sometime in the last half of September 2014 I prayed and asked God if my walking or sunbathing in undies had done good or was pointless. I do not remember the date on which I had prayed and asked that question. There were days earlier in September in which I had walked with little or no recognizable response from the public. Or, of course, sometimes persons are irritated. Maybe I had a day or two or three in September in which there was no favorable response and a guy who used profanity to refer to me. Anyway, in the last half of September I asked God if I had done good or if my walking did little valuable.

On Tuesday, 9/30/14 I was flooded--in a good way--with expressions of appreciation and joy. The appreciation started with a smile and wave from a woman as I was getting dressed after sunbathing. Then I walked once around the lake in undies, which were a slight thong. There were several more smiles and waves from women, including two separate women with strollers. One woman said as I passed, "Now, where is my camera?" (This one was without a stroller, as is more usual!) Another one said, "I like your outfit." A guy also greeted me during a portion of the walk that was clothed . . . and later, in the library, while I was in pants, one of the librarians interacted with me.

After the sunbathing and the first walk around the lake in a thong (of near nothing when viewed from behind), I put on some pants and began a 2nd walk to the library and then back to my car. After being at the Greenlake library, while in pants, I cut back on the Greenlake lawn in a southbound direction. Now, to the south and west of the Greenlake library there is a kids playground area with a lawn area to the east of the playground.

Since I am often in undies and often the undies are nearly nothing in the back, and since parents might be more concerned about that attire on a person in the kid playground area, I do not usually walk through this area when in undies and without pants. No need to have a mom or dad call 911 to check on me at a kids' playground, while I am in not quite nothing at the waist!

In this case, I was in pants and needed to get back to my car on the south side of the lake. I was walking back through the lawn between the library and the playground. Two young girls were sitting on the lawn and saw my sign. They said, "I want a hug," and they came to me and we hugged!

It was a fun ending for a great, fun day of appreciation . . . and at least some people, reading this story, could feel the last 20 minutes of my walk was age-appropriate for the two girls who seemed to be 6 or 7.

This day was astonishing to me. A day with favorable or appreciative comments and/or interactions with people has normally comments from or interactions with 1 to 4 persons or groups. Some days there are none at all.

This day of appreciation included a lot more appreciation expressed than usual. I wondered why that was.

Was it because I had prayed and asked God if what I was doing was valuable? Was it because people liked my new post 9/14/14 look? Was it for both reasons? Was it merely a fluke? I think it was at least partly due to my choice of outfit, which was influenced by SPD officer Dewey on 9/10/14. But my praying and asking God may have helped cause some of the appreciation to occur and to be expressed also, I would guess.

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10) "Awesome!" & "I love it!"

In the next few days after 9/30/14 and before 10/4/14 I had at least two and perhaps several more favorable and appreciative comments. In one case, a gal went by me while saying, "Awesome." In another, a gal passed by while saying, "I love it."

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11) Robert Starcher threatens me

I was walking on Saturday afternoon and evening, 10/4/14. At about 5:30 p.m., a fellow began to speak to me with some degree of upset. He called 911 to tell them something--I forget the details. He walked in my vicinity for the next half hour or so, while talking to me and at times threatening me with harm if the police did not take me away.

Robert Starcher claimed that he was unhappy that his daughter with whom he had been walking also saw me and saw what amounts to my bare or nearly bare butt, although I don't think he used that phrase.

Starcher said that the chief reasons he was not beating me up were that he had promised his wife he wouldn't and he believed that he would damage a case against me if he used violence against me. He also claimed he had seen Seattle police manhandle women at Alki who had been at Alki beach in a thong.

On the way back to my car, two other persons observed what was happening. One of them joined me and the other called 911 to tell them about Starcher acting in a threatening and intimidating way. These two persons joined with me in walking back to my car and may have contributed to a more peaceful ending of the conversation of Starcher and myself.

I continued to walk at Greenlake and downtown after the Starcher day. I began to research walking at Alki. Two good things will come of my being threatened by Starcher. One is that I am now open to hugging kids who desire it. The other is that I will walk at Alki in 2015!

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12) Whistling!

I decided to walk to and from Westlake Park a few times in October 2014. The first day was Tuesday, 10/7/14. I walked to Westlake and was there for a bit. I then departed. As I was departing, a fellow whistled! At least I assume it was a guy! Do girls learn to whistle?

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13) "Thanks about the vitamin D!"

I was walking Thursday 10/16/14. As I walked, there were two gals who were walking in the opposite direction. After they were 8 to 15 feet to my rear, I heard one of them saying something, in a calm voice. I think she was talking to her friend, but I turned. She was saying she was reading my sign. My sign has a sentence about Vitamin D on one side and the reverse side is all about Vitamin D.

The woman read the information about vitamin D and said thanks. She said she had moved from this area to California for the sunlight.

There have been several women who have thanked me for the vitamin D awareness message or indicated they have had a health problem believed to be related to low Vitamin D levels common in the Northwest.

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14) Dr. Phil

On several walks in September or October 2014, there were some fellows who fish and who said, "You need to talk to Dr. Phil!"

I replied, "I'll email him!" Dr. Phil has not yet replied . . .

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15) "You mother fucking pervert!"

I was walking in October 2014. I am passing the parking lot of the small craft center. This is on the SW corner of the lake. I hear the horn of a car blaring a bit. I turn and look at the car.

At this time or shortly after, the woman driver has opened her window. She yells, "You mother fucking pervert. I'm calling the cops!"

Later that day I check the online crime map. There is no reported 911 call on the online crime map regarding me that day.

I wonder what to think of her . . . I hope she is not having a bad day, week, month or year. I wonder if I should pray that God be helping her or if her reaction is justified.

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16) "I saw you!"

I work at times in two different restaurants with an unpredictable schedule. One restaurant is a few miles away from Greenlake. On Friday, 1/16/15, I am finishing some work at about 2 p.m. The lady assistant manager says to me, "Now you are ready to go to Greenlake!"

So I ask a few questions . . . and she says she has seen me at the lake. She says this with a combination of shaking her head and a grin or smile as if I am crazy.

I am still employed . . . Ha!

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18) How three near violent confrontations ended

On 8/6/14 I was walking while clothed. A fellow sees me and approaches me. He begins a negative conversation with me.

During the negative and discouraging conversation with this fellow, he tells me that I walk around with my testicles hanging out, that I am not safe to be around kids and that he had called police on me a few weeks previous. He questions me about several things. He hovers in my vicinity for 30 to 60 yards, while talking at times in a negative discouraging way. At one point, a person sees my sign and we come hug and the bothersome man gives up and ceases to accompany me.

On 8/11/14 I was walking while clothed. At one point earlier in the walk I had taken a photo of some gals. About 20 minutes later, a woman seated on a bench asks questions about my sign and engages me in conversation. Shortly afterwards, a man who apparently had been following me placed himself right in front of me and threatened me with fighting and physical harm if I did not leave the park. I did not move forward or back.

The woman gradually indicated her desire to not talk and I then continued on the path. A few minutes later I turned around to see the guy and photograh him, which I did. The first photo taken is with him with an arm up trying to shield himself from view, if I recall correctly.

On 10/4/14 I was walking in undies and a man takes offense. He follows with me for what is probably 30 minutes, while speaking negatively to me about various things and occasionally threatening me. Two other fellows observe his behavior and they call 911 and then they join with me for my protection. Over the next few weeks, Seattle police speak with this man about the law and not making threats against people.

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19) Did I make a women uncomfortable? Is she just protective?

I have been a member of a gym with a cardio theatre. You can watch a movie playing on the screen while walking or running on a treadmill or other similar item. There are some lower intensity lights which are usually off but can be turned off to brighten up the room.

So one day I am walking in the cardio cinema in pants and alone and watching some movie while walking on the treadmill. All I am doing is walking with some occasional running.

A woman comes in . . . soon after or before she begins her walking, running or cycling, one of the lights comes on, making the room brighter than is normal for movie-watching. I am slightly irritated at this, but it is ok. I realize that she has decided that since there are two persons alone in the cardio room she wishes to increase the light, presumably for her safety. I had interacted with her not at all and merely walked or ran on my treadmill, before and after the light was turned on.

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20) Research on response . . .

There are studies on how people respond to news stories, especially those on the internet. This question has been studied since the time of Aristotle. Studies find that those that evoke emotion or inspire us are more likely to generate an outward response. "Articles that evoked some emotion did better than those that evoked none." "Videos that shock or inspire are more likely to be shared on facebook . . ."

PETA writes about their nudity campaigns . . . "colorful and 'controversial' demonstrations and campaigns like activists stripping to 'go naked instead of wearing fur' consistently grab headlines." "The campaign has been hugely successful. It has been featured in nearly every major newspaper, including The Wall Street JournalThe Los Angeles TimesUSA Today, and The Washington Post. And major magazines and television shows such as UsPeople, and Entertainment Tonight have been inspired by the campaign to do stories about the anti-fur movement."

I am pretty sure that several of the conversations with me and interactions that took place with me, even if not on the topic of my being in skimpy undies, were created in whole or in part from my attire. The most obvious are here, here and there.

Isaiah says that God told him to go naked . . .

"In the year that the commander in chief, who was sent by Sargon the king of Assyria, came to Ashdod and fought against it and captured it— 2 at that time the Lord spoke by Isaiah the son of Amoz, saying, “Go, and loose the sackcloth from your waist and take off your sandals from your feet,” and he did so, walking naked and barefoot."

Either at that time or later, God says that the nakedness of Isaiah was a warning that Egypt and Cush would be taken captive by Assyria, Is. 20.

Because of this prophecy in action, some people know that God had Isaiah prophesy that Egypt would be taken captive by Assyria and some have read about it. It is probably a good thing for God and Isaiah that the prophecy seems to have been fulfilled.

Because Isaiah walked naked for about 3 years, myself and others know about Esarhaddon of Assyria conquering lower and upper Egypt in 671 B.C. and taking, perhaps, nude captives from Thebes, fulfilling the prophecy made about 30 years earlier.

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21) Lets bise!

I lived in France as an LDS missionary for two years and never did la bise with anyone. Several years later, I went to a church that was affectionate in greeting and it is normal to hug or to bise or to kiss in greeting. Free bises are a part of my free hugs sign.

Sometime in 2014 I was walking while clothed on day. I see some gals on or near the pier a bit south of the West Greenlake beach. A gal sees me and approaches me excitedly. She says, "I lived in France and it was so fun and so close to bise. Lets bise and it'll remind me of being in France!"

And so we bise!

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22) Making white women in McFarland uncomfortable

The movie McFarland is the true or mostly true story of a coach who fails in several previous cities and agrees to go to McFarland, a city in northern California of nearly all hispanic people.

On the first evening that his family is in McFarland, they go out to eat at a taco place. As they are exiting the restaurant, there are hispanics who look over the wife and two daughters of coach Jim White. The hispanic men look at the wife and girls to see who is pretty and what they look like and it is an uncomfortable experience for them.

The dad is convinced they should leave the town but they stay and over time, the daughter who is turning 15 becomes friends with some of the people who had previously looked her over and she has her quinceanera and she considers some of the people as her family.

In between the first night in town and the quinceanera for the daughter in the family, there is a scene in which the family is together and with many other hispanic families and groups. At one point a fellow places his hand on a girlfriend's butt. The coach Jim White makes a dismissive comment . . . and his wife says she'd like some affection like that.

I have a friend who thinks I do sexual assault of women several times a week by looking at them . . . At some times when at church, I close my eyes when singing to be nicer, not to the women, but to God and angels to whom it may allegedly matter . . .

I don't know what God thinks of looking at the women to appreciate their figue or wish that they walked more or worked out in some way . . . but I somewhat abstain for 25 minutes on some Sundays . . .

Anyway, some women allegedly can be made uncomfortable simply by a guy looking at them to appreciate them, though in Latin cultures it is more normal . . .

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23) Cuban erotic culture

Chen Lizra has studied dancing in Cuba and other parts of the world. She says that in Cuba, people routinely check each other out visually. She says it is considered normal and not a cause of offense. I do not know if this is common in other Latin countries.

Some ladies have been irritated, I think, at my having taken their photo.

I do not know if the God prefers the Latin way or the Northern way. I liked McFarland.

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With police:

  1. a small bike patrol in May or June 2014
  2. A dozen SPD officers keep watch near me in a two groups at Gas Works park, 7/4/14
  3. the bike patrol protects the East Greenlake beach one day
  4. SPD officer Dorr greets me peacefully at Westlake Park
  5. the bike patrol 9/8/14
  6. the officer Dewey request day 9/10/14
  7. the downtown lady SPD patrol officer 10/7/14
  8. the cheeful and happy lady SPD officer 1/2/15!
  9. an SPD officer holds a door open for me 1/25/15!
  10. The Seattle north precinct is regarded as understaffed . . . has it delayed police response to calls about me?

1) A small bike patrol in May or June 2014

In 2013 I did not observe police on bikes on the Greenlake walking path.

In 2014 one day in May or June, I was walking one day. Probably 98% of my walks around the lake are in the direction that amounts to counterclockwise (as viewed on the map) and I begin and end many, many walks going counterclockwise only.

On this day, for no reason I can recall, I was part-ways around the lake and I decided to turn around and head back in the opposite direction. I went some yards and see that there are 2 SPD patrol officers on bicycles in visual distance approaching me. However, as soon as they see me, they turn away.

I assume that someone had called and they wanted to check that I was wearing something in front . . . and when they saw that, that was sufficient for them. I do not remember why I turned around shortly before the police were near me and began to walk opposite to my usual direction and when they had been approaching me from what had just been "behind me." It is kind of nice I did; I would have been slightly unsettled to have had 2 SPD on bicycles zip next to me a few feet away from me, which I assume they were about to do.

Was I in a hurry that day to get back to somewhere? I think I had enough time that day that I continued to wander about . . . I observed the same SPD bike patrol officers outside a restaurant on the south-east portion of Greenlake having lunch a little later. I wondered if I should say hi but I did not.

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2) About a dozen SPD watch me 7/4/14!

I was at the July 4th, 2014 gathering at Gas Works park. People go to the park in the afternoon and have fun doing various things while just waiting for the fireworks in the evening. I had with me a sign free hugs with a sentence at the bottom of the sign, indicating that a 2007 study found that spanked men are happier, reason unknown.

Police keep an eye on me for a while, especially in the first two hours that I was there. At one point, there were about twelve SPD officers in my close vicinity. There was one group of about ten of them about 20 feet in front of me and another two of them on bicycles 30 or 40 feet behind me.

I assume that either they were wondering if I would be going about in undies or if I might be spanking someone against his or her will . . .

After 90 minutes to 2 hours, I think I became of less interest to them and they gradually spread out and did other things than to stand in my near vicinity!

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3) The SPD bike patrol protects the beach and beachgoers one day

In July 2014 I did a number of walks in street clothing at took some photos at times. Sometimes I was carrying my sign and sometimes I was not. In August 2014 I was almost always carrying my sign, doing some walks in undies and some walks clothed.

On this one day in what I believe was July, I am in the middle of a walk and 2 SPD officers on bikes zip around on the bicycle part of the path. They do not seem to pay any special attention to me, but who knows? I continue the walk. About 40 or 50 minutes later I am back at the East Greenlake beach. The two SPD officers are there on bikes gently watching over the beach. It is as usual filled with adults and teens sunbathing or hopping in and out of the water.

I sit on a bench behind the officers and watch and wait for a bit and they remain where they are, waiting and watching the beach that is in front of them. I assumed that they were there because I had taken someone's photo at some point in the previous 2 hours. I did not know if I should say anything to them and so I did not. How would it help?

After a while I depart.

Later on the online crime map there is a suspicious person report showing on the online crime map at about the East Greenlake beach and at or about a time I was there, although of course, I was at various parts of the lake over the space of two hours or more.

A few weeks later some fellow approached me while we were both walking. He complained about me, said I was unsafe being around kids or kids were unsafe around me and said he had called police about me a few weeks earlier. He was nice enough that he did not threaten me . . . while he instead walked with me 50 yards while trying to bother me, complaining about me and suggesting I should not be at the lake or any area where there are kids. I don't remember if he tried to interfere with my being greeted by others. I think he was in the process of making some negative comment to me when someone saw my sign and came to be hugged and then the unhappy guy went off . . . and he decided it wasn't worth it to bother me any more.

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4) I did a number brief standings with a sign at Westlake Park or walks downtown in 2014. On the very first one, I was at Westlake park standing on the sidewalk next to 4th Ave. I was partway between Pike and Pine. During the time I was there, a young lady (of teen years, if I recall correctly) asked me to come and be photographed by her mom or friends who were more to the inside of Westlake Park. I did so.

A bit later, two SPD officers arrived in the vicinity. They did not act in an aggressive way so far as I can recall. I do not remember if I approached and greeted them or if they approached and greeted me. The one who spoke with me was an officer Dorr. He said that as far as he was concerned, my attire was sufficient and I was covered, but it would be better to not be near the kids playing area in the middle of Westlake Park . . .

I said sure and I had gone a bit inwards at someone's request for a photo. In any case, he was peaceful.

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5) The bike patrol 9/8/14

I was walking in minimal undies Monday 9/8/14. As I walked, there were 3 SPD patrol officers on bikes at one of the parking lots on the west side of the lake and south of the West Greenlake beach. I waved at them but they did not wave back.

Later that day, I saw in the local news that there was poor behavior from a fellow in West Seattle who was flashing or doing weird things near the Catholic school. I was happy that he and I have a different description and car!

I sent a message to the principal of the Holy Rosary school and suggested that he and others pray for the fellow that God show him the right way. Perhaps there would be less or no problems with him that way.

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6) The officer Dewey request day!

I was walking Wednesday 9/10/14 and there were people who were obviously more interested in me than usual and had been taking photos of me, but without saying much in a friendly way. I was approaching the small craft center and an SPD patrol vehicle pulls up.

Officer Dewey hopes out and greets me. He says that some people see me and think that I am nude from the waist down and it would help if I wore things in a way that people do not get that wrong impression. I tell him I will accomodate him, especially for the rest of the year and will ponder 2015.

I tried two solutions over the next few weeks. One was to use the Brazilian I have used in the past and if someone sees even the bottom of my butt, he or she will also see a 2 inches of fabric.

The other solution I tried was to use a shirt that was shorter than the other shirts I have used. With a shorter shirt, it becomes clearer than I am wearing a thong, even if all that is visible is 1/2 inch across on top or the 1 inch band. At least, as best I know, that is what people tend to see when I wear the shorter shirt than what I had worn in May and August.

In addition to seeing a bit of the thong, people will also naturally see more of my butt.

What is an interesting surprise is that when I began to use the newer shorter shirt, I had a large series of thankful, joyful and appreciative comments made, in the second half of September 2014. I think that officer Dewey's request caused me to make a change that actually a lot of people have liked.

A short time after officer Dewey had the brief conversation with me, I was walking and encountered two young girls walking together at Greenlake!

I think I was part of their adventure that day . . . Perhaps they are "Free Range Kids" cause I thought they were of grades 1-3. It was a rare encounter of kids probably under 10 not accompanied by mom or dad in their vicinity.

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7) The downtown lady SPD patrol officer 10/7/14

I walked to and from Westlake Park from Yesler several days starting and after 10/7/14. On the second day I passed by a number of SPD patrol officers without incident, on foot or in their vehicles or we passed each other.

As I was near Yesler, on the first day 10/7/14, there were two SPD officers on foot at or near one of the small parks at 3rd and Yesler. The woman of the two officers seemed moderately happy and peaceful and asked if she could take my photo. She then did so, though I think the photo shows the sign more than it shows me. She seemed happy and appreciative!

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8) The cheeful lady SPD officer 1/2/15

On Friday, 1/2/15, I was walking downtown, while clothed, to a health club. I now try to introduce myself at times to downtown patrol officers and let them know they may see me in the summertime.

As I am walking north on 3rd or 4th, there is a woman SPD officer carrying some documents, perhaps from a copy center or elsewhere. I wonder what to say, and then say, "I am David. If you are here in the summer, you may see me for I walk at times in a thong."

She said, "I am not downtown much, but usually in the central district." But she was in a good mood and I was happy to have said hello to her. I wondered if she was Christian or meditates. She seemed to me to have more joy than people in general. . . but I did not make a note of her name.

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9) SPD hold a door open for me 1/25/15!

There have been anti-police protests in Seattle since Thanksgiving. I decide that I would like to be nice to some of the police and to the SPD police in general and I decide that I would pray and ask others to pray for officers who have been injured in the protests or in other situations reported in the news.

On Sunday afternoon, I am walking from the gym up to Capitol Hill where there is an exercise class I attend at times. Sometimes in cooler weather I will walk partly through the Washington state Convention center to be warmer. That day is warmer than some previous days, but I also choose on this day to walk a few dozen yards in the convention center. I enter some doors on the west and I will be exiting through the doors next to Fedex. During the week previous, I had sent out two prayer requests to friends of mine requesting prayer for injured SPD.

I am walking and I realize that two SPD are walking northwards to the doors through which I usually exit. It turns out that I end up a few feet behind one of them who holds the door open for me as I am exiting the building.

I thank God for the possible sign and pray again and more for both the injured SPD officers and SPD officers in the precincts in which I will be walking in 2015, for their healing and safety, if I recall how I prayed that day. Tis not that often that an SPD officer holds a door open for me.

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10) Seattle north precinct understaffed? Are there delays in response now to near-nudity at Greenlake?

It turns out that there have been a variety of news reports to the effect that the Seattle north precinct is somewhat understaffed. There was a leaked memo about a shortage in some kind of investigations . . . and several neighborhoods other than Greenlake have added off-duty police patrols.

I do not know if that has affected police response to calls about me at Greenlake. Personally, in two cases or so, I was glad that I had left before police arrived and cleared the area. However, I don't know if the delay in police response would have made any difference in the outcome. Based on the online crime map, there have been two or more times in which an officer cleared the area one or two hours later than I was there.

The SPD officers seem to have mildly different interpretations in how they would understand the indecent exposure law . . . and I think that one of them in the north precinct might have been inclined to arrest me and/or charge me at one point, simply on the basis of someone complaining vigorously and some or all of my butt having been showing or pubic hair having been showing. At least, that seemed to be his attitude as of June 8, 2014. Would that officer, if he had encountered me and had the complaint of Robert Starcher being made to him on 10/4/14, have cited or arrested me? I don't know!

Would I have wanted a very prompt police response on the day that a girl called 911 saying I had kissed her friend?

I am not saying we should not staff the north precinct, but on two or three occasions, it is nice that I was not immediately confronted by some accusation and the call was logged as closed and then no longer a large problem . . .

I see that on Wednesday, 2/25/15, an article at kirotv indicates that for low priority crimes, it often takes the police two to three hours to response. I am glad that I have become a low priority.

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With teenaged girls:

  1. Judging ages: "I am only 12!"
  2. Judging ages: "She is surely 20!"
  3. "Pants!"
  4. "You've made my day!"
  5. She told 911 I kissed her friend!
  6. "Oh my God! He's not wearing any!"
  7. "The coolest thing I've ever done!"
  8. "Why is your butt showing?"
  9. checking me out from the front one day
  10. The schoolkids from Snohomish county every year
  11. She swatted my butt!
  12. "I haven't sneezed yet!"
  13. A dozen girls hug me at a birthday party, in pants!

1) She was only 12!

We sometimes think we know the ages of other people based on their dress and demeanor. Some years ago I was in Southern California gathering signatures for initiatives. I was in Ventura county and there is a theatre that often has shows and it often opens at about seven in the evening. One day there was a line of people waiting to get in with the doors not yet open and I was talking to person after person about initiatives.

I move to the next woman after some others and say, "Are you a registered voter?"

She says, "I am only 12!"

I say, "12!? You look like you are 20!"

She says, "My sister did my make-up this evening!"

I say, "Well, if she was hoping to make you look mature, she has done a good job!"

About this time, a larger male right behind her says, "Is there any problem?"

I assume this guy is her dad and I say, "No, I am just complimenting your daughter on her look!"


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2) She must be 20!

Sometimes I listen to Radio Disney and there is now a song being played. The song has a music video . . . and are we sure Becky G is not older? I guess I have not been to high school in a while to see!

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3) "Pants."

On the first day of walking in undies in 2013, I had passed by the East Greenlake beach and begun to head west. There were a group of kids of 14 or 15, I think. A girl is among them. She sees me and says, "Pants!" and puts her face into her hands and then she starts laughing . . .

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4) "You made my day!"

On Sunday, July 14, 2013 it was one of my very first walks in 2013. The undies I was wearing generally covered more than I have worn in 2014 and I had a larger sign. Some people who saw me at first did not realize that I was in undies.

A group of about 7 girls of about age 14 see me. We are just north of the West Greenlake beach. They ask to take photos with me and the sign and we do so, all while they have not paid attention to what I wearing. They come to me and we side-hug while one of their friends is in front of us and takes a photo of us side-hugging and the sign.

After I hug several in this way and several photos have been taken, one of the girls says, "You've made my day!"

I start walking south and I hear giggling or whispering behind me. I look and I see that one or more of them are now taking photos of me from behind!

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5) she told 911 I kissed her friend!

In 2014 at one point I was doing research using public disclosure requests to learn more about public perceptions and reactions to me while I was walking at Greenalke in 2013. I requested all 911 calls or their summaries that related to me or nudes or near-nudes at Greenlake.

I found out that it appears that one of the girls of age about 14 shortly after story #4 called 911 and told them that I had kissed her friend!

Ha! If only it were that easy to kiss 14-year-old girls!

That is not quite how I do things! To be kissed a person would either discuss it beforehand, or when hugging, hold steady for at least 10 seconds cheek-to-cheek, or approach my face when hugging with nose and mouths nearly aligned. Most people--nearly all--don't do these and so we do not get to kissing or bising.

I am pretty lucky that the police did not encounter me that day. It would have been unsettling for me to have been defending myself against the suggestion of kissing a 14-year-old girl while walking in undies!

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6) "Oh my God! He's not wearing . . .!"

In May 2014 I was walking in undies. There are the East Greenlake beach area and the West Greenlake beach area. At various times or on various days, there are teens and/or kids with parents at the West Greenlake beach area. The beach areas have a sign that says no bare buns but the sign is not put up until people are swimming, usually.

The West Greenlake beach area has a theatre and office building and there is lawn between the beach and the building. There is a paved bit of walking path next to the building, I think.

I was walking in undies, but they were skimpy and probably a thong. I was wearing a shirt that covered some of the top of my butt and the thong was not always visible.

I walk past the building headed south. I hear a voice. A young lady is saying, "Oh my God! He's not wearing any!" and she did not finish her sentence. We don't know for sure why!

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7) "The coolest thing I've ever done!"

In May or June 2014 I was walking in undies. I usually walk on the path mostly. There are at times people off of the path that speak to me or wave me towards them.

I was walking westwards on the north part of the lake. There are 3 or 4 teens and they see me and wave me towards them. I walk towards them about 3/4 of the way from the walking path to their position. As I am doing so, they are talking about whether or not to hug me or whether one of them will hug me. Two of the persons are encouraging a girl to hug me and she is reluctant, but not completely.

I stop at 10 or 15 feet away from them. It seemed like the right thing to offer to hug and so I stood while opening my arms. The girl stands up and also says, "I can't do this."

I do not put down my arms or move or change and she may say again, "I can't," and then she comes and hugs me. I stand stationary while this is happening and she returns to her place with her two friends and says, "This is the coolest thing I've ever done!"

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8) "Why is your butt showing?"

In May 2014, I was walking in a thong or near-thong one day. I began and ended near the East Greenlake beach. Near the end of the walk, there were some people who were doing some game promotion, together with some giveaway of some items.

I walked past them and then I wondered if I wished to participate more in the game.

I was not sure and I turned around to look at them and then turned looking to the north again. This happened 2 or 3 times while I was pondering whether or not to participate in the game. As I had turned and was looking in a rearward direction compared to my walk, I noticed two teenage girls who were looking at me. One of them was partly looking at me and looking downwards. The other was looking at me and waved me over to talk!

I approached to a distance of 6 to 15 feet from them and stopped. I do not approach too closely to peole unless they indicate they wish it, or unless I am simply passing by while walking.

The young lady said, "What are you doing?"

I said I am walking or words to that effect.

She then said, "Why is your butt showing?"


I said, That is my idea of fun.

At this point, remember that I was stationary and I was away from the girls by 6 to 15 feet. An adult woman at this point walked up to between myself and the girls and said to them, "Is everything alright?" or some words to that effect. She began to engage them in conversation, apparently in the attempt to cause them not to be talking with me!

Later I checked the online crime map. One or more persons called 911 about me at that time and at that place and they had alleged to 911 that I was walking around nude, a claim that was easy to see was false.

The teen girl choose to speak accurately and a concerned adult exaggerated badly.

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9) checking me out from the front . . .

I was walking one day, probably in May or June 2014. Sometimes, from the back in 2014, it was not clear what undies I was wearing. I passed by or was ahead of two teenaged girls. I forget if some comments or actions indicated their puzzlement or wonder . . . but in a short bit they had come around to being in front of me and with a part-sideways view, they checked that I was wearing undies!

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10) The school kids from Snohomish county

In the month of July, it appears that once a year kids from school from surrounding areas come for some boating or other event at Greenlake. They seem to be of high school age, but some might be younger or older. I am not sure. They have adults with them as part of the activity.

In both 2013 and 2014 I happened to be walking in clothing on the days that they were there and I spoke with some of them; I think I may have hugged some of them.

I am looking forward to walking in undies when they are present in the future. I hope it does not concern their adult helpers or chaperones too much.

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11) She swatted my butt!


On Wednesday, August 6, 2014 I was walking in clothing including pants. It was in the late afternoon or evening. Near the end of my walk I was approaching the East Greenlake beach. There were some groups of kids of teenaged-ages. A young lady indicated she wished to hug.

I went and we hugged. As we hugged, she swatted my butt! I would have replied with the same, but I did not know if that would agitate the minds of any onlookers . . . I refrained from returning a swat on her butt but I did smile and give her thumbs up! I wondered for the next few weeks if I should have returned the swat . . .

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12) "I haven't sneezed yet!"

In the fall of 2013 I was returning one day from Greenlake and I was stopping in at a business or two to check on work.

I was in South Lake Union and I was walking southbound on Westlake Ave. I was not particularly seeking hug interactions; I just had the sign with me. A group of kids of high school age sees the sign and one fellow says, "I want a hug."

So I hug him and then I start to hug with each of the others. As I do so, I say to them, "God bless you." There are between 7 and 12 of the kids.

After I have hugged several of them, one of the girls I have not yet hugged says, "I have not sneezed yet!"

I am hugging the various others and I get to her last or near last. I hug her and say, "God bless you even though you have not sneezed yet!"

God bless her!

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13) A dozen girls hug me in 2013!

In 2013 I walked with a free hugs sign a number of times in July in pants. One day I was walking and two girls see me and come to hug me. They then point out their dozen friends who are having some sort of birthday party. I think these girls were of age about 14.

The two girls who have hugged me return to a table, behind which is a birthday girl. I stand with open arms and look at her. She is hesitant. As she hesitates, the rest of the girls, one by one, come and hug me. Finally, she is the last one left and she comes and hugs me also!

I continue on my walk. Looking around, I see that there is an adult male 30 or 40 feet in the east of the girls. I assume he is related to them in some way and watching to be sure that they are safe, which they are!

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With kids:

  1. "Why is he not wearing pants?"
  2. what does his sign say?
  3. a boy borrows the free hugs sign at the beach!
  4. What is Rahm 15:33?
  5. Her mom checks me out . . . probably with the police . . . probably for safety!
  6. "Stranger danger!" says a small girl!
  7. Two girls hug me on happiness and appreciation day
  8. "He's wearing underwear."
  9. A very young lady has fun with me for 60 seconds!
  10. Six to nine girls say, "I want a free hug!" 10/18/14
  11. Free range kids!

1) "Why is he not wearing pants?"

In 2013 I was walking in undies. I was exiting the Greenlake area using the intersection on which there is the Greenlake library. I had stopped briefly while conversing with a friend.

As I was doing so, two married couples approached me. Each couple had a kid with them, of probably 1st grade age.

The couples asked if they could take my photo and they did so. As we were finishing the photos, one of the kids said, "Why is he not wearing pants?"

I don't remember what answer, if any, was given. One distinguishing mark of some kids below age 9 is that they often speak to their parents about me, even if I am in their presence . . .

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2) "What does his sign say?

In about the month of May or maybe June 2014, I was walking in a thong or very-near-thong and a shirt. I was walking fast enough to pass in front of a dad and his kid of grade school age. I am slightly more nervous when I am in a such a situation cause, of all persons I would prefer that I not upset or offend, it would be kids of age 5 to 12. And I wonder how they may react in a few cases. It is not chiefly for the legal reasons of an increased penalty on indecent exposure, but because such an upset would seem more credible and concerning to the rest of the public.

The kids starts speaking to his dad and I worry very slightly and he says, "What does his sign say?"!

He was not asking why I had no pants or why some of my butt is showing! He wanted to know what my sign said! Ha!

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3) A kid borrows my free hugs sign!

At times I walked in pants with a free hugs sign. It depended on the day and the month. There were some days that I wanted in pants either before walking in undies or after walking in undies. If I walk in pants, it is a bit easier to walk among the people of either the West Greenlake beach or the East Greenlake beach and it is a little easier to have some interactions with kids less than 12, simply because onlookers would not be as concerned as if such interactions took place while I was walking in undies.

This one day I am walking in pants and I am walking at the West Greenlake beach. There is a group of kids of about 3 and 4th grade age. A boy among them sees my sign and asks, "Could I borrow your sign?" I say, "Sure."

The kid borrows my sign and he goes with one or two other fellows about his age. They walk in other parts of the small beach and some women hug them!

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4) "What is Rahm 15:33?"

So, the boy and one or two of his male friends have gone 20 or 30 feet away with the sign in the story #3. There are now two girls of 3rd or 4th grade age who are left enjoying the sun on a towel or blanket and I am right there, stationary.

I sit on the grass to wait a bit and the very young lady in front of me says, "What is Rahm 15:33?"

I say, "That is Romans. Do you know Romans?"

She says, "I know Roman numerals."

I say, "There is a book in the Bible called Romans. Do you know the Bible?"

She says, "No."

I say, "Well, in the Bible, there is a book named Romans, and Romans 15:33 is a blessing. It says, "The God of peace be with you!"

God bless and help her!

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5) Mom checks me out with the police, probably!

So, one day I was walking clothed. When you are more clothed, in either pants or shorts or bikini, rather than in a thong, it is a bit easier to walk "inside" either of the beaches, because of the sign re bare buns.

At the West Greenlake beach there are usually people of younger ages than some of those at East Greenlake beach, on average. There are kids with moms and kids just old enough to be without mom and there are teens, often.

I was walking one day in clothing and with the free hugs sign. I was at the West Greenlake beach and there were 4 or 5 kids sitting on a concrete ledge or step. I walk in front of them with the sign.

As I do so, one of the kids says, "Free hugs." I did not know if they were even old enough to read Free hugs . . . or to choose to say it, but they obviously were. I am about 4 feet "in front" and to the south side of the kids. I turn around and face them and open my arms briefly and a kid says, "No thanks," and I put my arms back down.

I see a woman 10 to 15 feet behind them who is now giving them a thumbs up. I give her a thumbs up to communicate peace and appreciation but she does not seem to look at me. Whether she notices, I do not know.

Later that day I check the online crime map. There was a suspicious person call to 911 logged that day at that place at about the time I was there. I assume the mom wishes to check that kids are safe!

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6) "Stranger danger!" says a small, probably young girl!

On Wednesday 9/10/14 I was walking eastbound on the south side of the lake. Five or ten minutes previously, officer Dewey and I had had a brief conversation at the small craft center at the SW point of the lake. He had requested that I try to find ways so that fewer persons who see me from the rear think I am nude from the waist down. . . at least perhaps have fewer people calling 911 because they are thinking I am wearing nothing below the waist.

I continue eastbound. I am walking and there are two small girls walking in the opposite direction as I am. I believe they are of first grade age, but maybe second grade age. One sees me and says "Stranger danger," and they both start running. But they do not run away from me at first! They run in the direction of their walk, which is at first towards me and then past me!

I personally thought they are of the ages that would be in first or second grade. They were definitely young enough that a person normally would see such girls with mom or dad and not merely walking alone!

I continue around the lake and rearrive at the area of my car. I think I put pants on for my 2nd walk of the day. I continue on the walk. Just near but not in the West Greenlake beach I see, I think, the two girls again, who are maybe-half-hiding by a tree, watching, but not overly concerned.

Later that day I check the online crime map. I do not see anything that would have fit the first call or two made while I was heading south on the west side of the lake. I think there may have been a nuisance category 911 call on the south of the lake, or, at least, so it was placed . . .

It is somewhat rare to encounter persons so young walking by themselves on the walking path. Usually mom or dad is with them. Usually it is people who are 10 or 12 who start walking on their own, without mom, I think.

In January 2015, I saw a segment on Chris Hayes All In on msnbc about a couple being investigated for child neglect cause their kids walked home on their own.

There is a mild movement or idea advocated by Lenore Skenazy who is a mom who has let her 9-year-old son take the New York subway. She calls her idea free range kids. The idea she suggests is that kids are safer out in public than many people fear and that they can successfully learn to get around.

I was happy to have encountered the kids . . . I wonder if in fact they are the ones who have hugged me on 9/30/14 or the ones who wanted a free hug 10/18/14! Maybe they learned that I was safe enough!

In the next six weeks, I had three positive and encouraging interactions with youngsters of the same age. Whether these two girls were part of one of those, I do not know. . .

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7) Two girls hug me on apprecation day!

On Tuesday, 9/30/14, I had ten positive and appreciative interactions with a variety of people in a single day! It was amazing. I do not know if so many happened to happen that day by chance . . . or if it was because more of my butt was showing that on some previous days . . . or if it was because I had prayed to know if I had done good or harm, if any.

My first walk around the lake was in a thong and my 2nd part-walk was in pants to and from my car to the library and back.

Across from the Greenlake library is a field and in the field there is a kids playground. I normally do not walk much in this area. On this day, I was in pants and I had a concern to get back to my car to do some work.

I leave the library and cross the street. I start walking through the field. There are two girls of grade school age. They see my free hugs sign and they request a free hug! Mom or dad is not in the vicinity, but I am also wearing pants and so outsider concern is lessened and I hug them!

There were three positive interactions with girls of that age in about that time period. I wonder if any of those three interactions with with the two girls who said, "Stranger danger!" about me!

God bless the girls!

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8) "He's wearing underwear!"

On 10/4/14 I walked twice around the lake in undies and the undies were a form of slight thong. On the last part of the 2nd walk, there was the confrontation that Robert Starcher choose to have with me.

Near the beginning of the 2nd walk I was walking east on the south side of the lake. I passed by a group of about a dozen people of mostly kids with some parents getting ready to ride their bikes. I wondered what interaction we would have, if any.

About five or ten minutes later, the group bicycles in the same direction as myself. There are kids and some parents. They see me from the rear and not from the front, although they could have done so if they had wished.

After another 3 or 4 minutes, they have stopped and are off the path and watching the path and my way. As I approach and begin to turn northwards one of the kids says, "He is wearing underwear," with what I think is relief of concern . . .

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9) A girl has fun with me for 60 seconds!greenlake rings

Greenlake has a wood item which holds 3 sets of gymnastic "rings." The wood item is just north of the boat rental building. The "rings" are used for either pull-ups or for gymnastic moves.

After I began to walk regularly, I began to stop once a day at the rings and pull myself up once or twice. I've not been that strong and I would often do a single pull-up and go on.

If in undies, I do not normally come close to people, either adults or kids. The two mild exceptions are if they are doing public outreach or if I am merely passing by them while walking. Even passing by someone on the path is not intended to be close.

In this case, on this day, in September or October 2014, there were two persons already right at one set of rings, a set of rings set for those who are smaller. I approach the set of rings of right height for myself.

I set down my free hugs sign and do my pull-up. As I finish, a very young lady of young elementary school age at the other set of rings says she will show me her pull-ups. She does four or five of them, which is way more than I can do. Ha!

I say to the young lady, "Wow; very good!" Her mom was present with us and supportive and peaceful. Whether it was the young lady or the mom who suggested that she show me her pull-ups, I do not remember.

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10) Six young girls ask me for free hugs!

This was pretty amazing, because young girls tend to not initiate interactions with me!

On 10/4/14 I was accompanied and threatened at times by Robert Starcher as I have written above. God or the universe at times create peculiar coincidences.

On 10/18/14 I was walking at Greenlake in what is very little or next to nothing, when viewed from behind me, and a shirt. I was walking northwards past the East Greenlake beach area. I saw that ahead of me were nine kids of young elementary school age. At least six of them were girls. Whether it was all nine of them, I do not know. With them or near them was one adult male. I made the guess that he was the dad of one or several of the girls.

I wondered how these people might react to me, if they chose to react at all. I hoped naturally that there would not be any large problem!

I am walking faster than they are. I walk and within a minute or two I am ahead of their position, moving northwards.

As I am walking, I hear the girls starting to say, "I want a free hug! I want a free hug!"

I was amazed and astonished. Normally kids of that age do not initiate conversations with me. I do not know what to do initially. As you may recall, in May someone had called 911 when I merely partly approached two teenaged girls who had wished to ask me some questions. I also did not know how the dad was reacting to this situation, if it all.

Normally, with adults or teens, I would have turned and stood with arms open to hug them. However, I did not know if I should do that given their ages, and not knowing a possible concern of the possible dad or of onlookers!

Not wishing to ignore them, I turned and waved and smiled at them!

I proceed forward slightly and did a pull-up at the rings. I then continued a bit north and then west. As I did so, the girls followed me and continued to say, "I want a free hug. I want a free hug!"

After several yards of this, and while I was a bit of a distance in front of them, I again turned and waved and smiled at them.

I felt badly about not having hugged them for the next several days. I prayed and conversed with a massage practitioner about what I might have done. I had refrained from hugging them due to my concern about possible concern of onlookers or the dad, but I then felt very badly about not fully responding to their request.

At the time, I wished I had had some church business cards to give to them or the dad so they could visit me at church knowing that people hug at church and are clothed.

After considering everything for more than a week, I gradually decided that I should have responded to their request, but I would have looked at the guy or possible dad, to see his facial expression, if any. However at the time of the 2nd turn, wave and smile, I did not see the dad with them!

By the way, I think that there is some Washington state Supreme Court decision in which a fellow was convicted and his conviction upheld in some somewhat similar situation, but one in which sexual intent was assumed or much more likely, given the circumstances. At this point, I forget the charge and the details. I will research that a bit more . . . At this point, I would simply say that in this case, if the girls were happy to ignore my mostly lack of attire, that I would also ignore it, and answer their request, assuming that dad or any adult guardians were at peace with that request of theirs.

Since girls younger than ten years old do not normally initiate conversations with me, I wondered if some of them were ones who had encounters with me as described in some of the previous stories and if they have learned from some previous encounter that I am safe enough to hug. Ha!

For the next two weeks afterwards, I felt pretty bad about not hugging them, and I prayed that God would bless them and make it up to them for my not hugging them!

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11) Free Range kids! Ha! or Free Range Kids?

In December 2014 or January 2015, I was at the gym and walking on a treadmill. I saw a bit of the Chris Hayes program All in on msnbc. He was interviewing Lenore Skenazy. They were discussing her parenting approach and the recent threats of harm to a family who let their kids walk home together from a park.

I wrote above about coincidences. When I am on the treadmill at the gym, I usually watch movies (Drama, comedy and a little sci-fi), Criminal Minds on A&E, the history channel or Disney. I watch All in with Chris Hayes about twice a month . . . I do enjoy Rachel Maddow. She is funny and I watch her more frequently. I had no knowledge of the free range kids concept till I stumbled across 4 minutes of Chris Hayes several weeks ago.

Oh, I have since been to the FreeRangekids website and I see that Skenazy has been on lots of TV and radio and news media interviews. Presumably, if I read the news, I would sooner or later have come across her ideas and her website.

Skenazy now has a website Free Range Kids. The website is filled with stories and thoughts of overly crazy concern about kids managing to do some basic things. While there were several attempted kid abductions in Seattle in the news in the last summer, the question parents can have is whether it is reasonably safe for their kids to enjoy the parks or walks home somewhat on their own. I don't know . . . though it is reasonable to go in twos if needed. Even some adults go in twos, because of the rare case of attempted sexual assault.

On one hand, I agree that it is good to teach kids to not get in the cars of strangers and to be aware. On the other hand . . .

Skenazy writes,

Did you hear about the 10-year-old who rode his bike across the George Washington Bridge to New York City?! He says he “pedaled twenty miles down unfamiliar roads and busy streets, past neighbors and strangers, out into the unknown….I didn’t need help from anyone. It took me all day, but I found the way and did it myself.”

Later on, this independence seems to have served him well.

He went to the moon. His name is Buzz Aldrin, and that’s a passage from the autobiography he wrote to inspire kids.

I am not a parent. I am not sure if I am wise enough to advise anyone about a particular situation. Parents and their kids can find ways to make decisions on their own . . . but I do appreciate greatly some of the stories generated by the kids who have acted semi-independently! And I feel a bit of grief that one conversation with a young lady of teenage years was interrupted by a woman who placed herself between myself and the two young ladies.

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