Greenlake Walking


The Seattle Parks Department at times receives email or other input from members of the public. Generally there are less than a handful of emails on the topic of nudity. Someone may express unhappiness or request that a beach become a nude beach or clothing optional. The Parks Department for the time being has chosen to not do either of those things.

In 2014, one of the emails that the Parks Department received was an inquiry about going topfree. The writer wished to know if or where a person might go and practice topfreedom.

Some women in America like the idea of being able to go topfree if men are able to do so.

In Maine women can go topless as they wish. In Hawaii, the state Supreme Court ruled in 1979 that topless sunbathing per se was not a "lewd act."

The state of New Jersey and Jill Coccaro have a dispute over whether or not she must pay a fine of $816 for her going topless at the beach in Spring Lake, New Jersey. She has been found guilty and fined and appealed her case to New Jersey appelate courts and the state Supreme court and the US Supreme Court. The US Supreme court has refused to hear the case.

Supposedly there have been one or two or so topfree protest events organized in or for Seattle. I have my doubts that they took place, but I don't know.

In 2014, there were, it appears, one or two women who were discreetly topfree at Greenlake on a lawn or a pier. Do you call it topfreedom if they were facing downwards, but not lying down and not a lot of people were in their vicinity?

In about January 2015, several Brazilian models went topless at Ipanema beach to protest for the right of women to go topless if they wish.

I think that the Brazilian police choose to leave the models alone.

Going topfree is supposedly illegal in Florida, but it is tolerated at times in parts of Miami. Brazilian model Andressa Urach has gone topless in Miami. Andressa was 1st runner up one year in the Miss Butt Brazil pageant!

Part of the protests in Brazil apparently began with some members of Femen who went topless in a Brazil shopping mall and were manhandled and detained in January 2013. I think that the women of Femen were going topless to protest for some other cause . . . and somehow other people figured that women at the beach in Brazil should be able to go topfree . . .

So then there was a topfree protest for topfreedom on the beach in Brazil in late 2013. The AP news and Huffington post portrayed the 2013 topfree protest as an embarassing failure, one with only few women, ones were immediately threatened and covered up. But by 2015, more women were out again, for another protest event. This time there were between 6 and several dozen, and the women included models, actresses and celebrities. There were no coverups by force or threats or threats of arrest, this time . . .

If and when some money comes in, I will bring Urach or some others of the Brazilians to walk and sunbathe at Greenlake!

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